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The Brilliance approach is process-driven, and we take our clients’ results very seriously - in part due to our NASA roots.

The lessons that guide Brilliance’s success began on a launching pad when Lori McDonald, Brilliance President and CEO, served as part of the team that put NASA’s Space Shuttle missions into orbit. While managing the Shuttle’s in-flight data recorders at Mission Control in Houston, Lori also gained invaluable personal insight from the dedicated NASA professionals working around her. When Lori transitioned from space science to web development and from Houston, TX to Milwaukee, WI, a focus on creativity & reliability continued as a common thread.

Everybody loves an impressive web site, but unless it achieves its practical business goals, it’s like a rocket that never gets off the ground. Brilliance is passionate about helping companies achieve big things by realizing the untapped potential of the web.


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