Buyer's Guide to CMS Content Modeling Features

Discover the latest advances in content modeling and why it’s more important than ever for customer-centric organizations

When your organization is considering digital transformation initiatives, you’ll often hear the term "content model" in the context of the site or application you're building.

In the early days of web content management, a content model was closely related to site and page construction. A content model was important both for consistency of navigation, as well as the author experience.

However, as the world has moved to a greater focus on customer experience and omnichannel delivery, content models are even more important than ever - this is especially the case when it comes to evaluating and preparing for your next Content Management System or Digital Experience Platform.

In this Executive Whitepaper for CIOs and CTOs, Deane Barker (Director of CMS Strategy, Optimizely) and a host of technical experts weigh-in on:

  • The latest advances in content modeling in 2021
  • The content modelling features every enterprise CMS needs
  • Critical content modelling considerations for CIOs and CTOs

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