How to create a B2B content marketing strategy for increased website ROI

The power of content marketing in the B2B space is still being uncovered. To be highly effective in this, companies need to be strategic and data driven when it comes to crafting their own content strategy.

Everyone is aware of the importance of a strong content strategy, but not everyone is aware of how to achieve it. A content strategy isn’t only about what you write. You need to take personalization, your buyer’s needs, and AI, among other things, into consideration.

This guide by Episerver’s Platinum Partner, Verndale, walks you through the steps to understanding your content strategy and delivering ROI on it.

This guide covers

  • What is needed for a data-driven content strategy
  • How to understand your buyer
  • Conversion optimization
  • Personalizing user experiences

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About Verndale

Verndale is an end-to-end customer experience agency and Episerver Platinum Partner, with two decades of experience across verticals, solutions, and technologies. From their offices in Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Quito, Verndale designs
and builds web, mobile, and commerce experiences that connect the dots of the customer journey — because a better experience leads to better business.

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