Many businesses are concerned about Sitecore’s lack of flexibility, transparency, and tactics around upgrades. If your job is to build customer-centric digital experiences that drive revenue for your business, then you deserve a platform that will make it easy for you.

Our guide highlights the steps you'd need to take to migrate from Sitecore to Episerver, and what things would look like on the other side.

Download the complete guide now (PDF · 14 MB)

4 reasons why you should consider migrating

  • Built for speed: Episerver is proven to deliver 3x the ROI of Sitecore over three years, and also to reach break even in less than half the time.
  • Simplicity of service: We’re noted by analysts for both our ease of use and our transparent and simple pricing. We offer 24/7/365 support as a standard.
  • Secure cloud solution: Episerver is fully ISO27001 compliant, scalable cloud platform so you can innovate without disruption.
  • A unified digital experience: Out of the box, Episerver seamlessly integrates content and commerce with best-in-class AI-driven personalization.

We'll help you deliver a seamless migration

We are now offering a Migration Accelerator Package that aims to take the headache out of migration. Our package will support you every step of the way to ensure that your data is securely transferred, and that any disruption to business as usual is minimized.

The Migration Accelerator Package includes:

  • Data Migration Professional Services package. This ensures a seamless transfer of your core content data to the Episerver Content Cloud.
  • Migration Training for Business Users. This will provide your teams with the skills necessary to manage a streamlined migration project plan.
  • Recommended Episerver Partners trained in supporting migration projects with all the skills and expertise you'd require.