Unlocking the intent data code

ABM vs individualized marketing, Natural Language Processing, and how first and third-party data work within your MarTech stack 

Once you’ve been around marketing for a while you start to notice a familiar pattern emerge. It goes something like this: A new concept emerges – people start to become interested – marketers take note of a burgeoning trend, accelerating rate of interest in that concept – vendors race to align their offering with that topic – mass confusion emerges. Eventually, organizations start to realize what’s truly driving business results and what is smoke and mirrors. This pattern is so common that Gartner even coined a phrase around it: the Hype Cycle.

As a company selling tools primarily for marketers, we get asked a lot of questions from people at all stages in this cycle. We’ve rounded up the most popular questions and are here to make them easy to understand and give it to you straight.

This guide covers:

  • How to make sense of first-party intent data
  • Differences between individualized and account-based marketing
  • How natural language processing works
  • The building of an interest profile
  • ID stitching across marketing automation
  • How first and third-party data differ

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