Business track agenda

Business Track Agenda - Afternoon

Time: Session:
14.:00 - 14:30

Using Advanced Search to Improve Conversion

This session will take you through Episerver Find and show you how to make your content available and improve site conversion rates.

Speaker: Tom Stenius, Product Manager

14:30 - 15:00

Add-on Sponsor - Today’s Online Payments: Risks, Challenges, Solutions


This session will cover all aspects of payment issues:

  • Introduction
  • Downtime: Can businesses afford it? 
  • Scalability: Size Does Matter!
  • Hosted Payment Pages: Flexibility & Mobile Optimisation
  • What’s New In Fraud Fighting Technologies

Speaker: Paul Stephens, Head of Partnership, DataCash 

15:00 - 15:30 

Add-on Sponsor - Behavioural Merchandising


What challenges does a merchandiser face today and how does Apptus see the future for online merchandisers? Learn about how Apptus gives online merchandisers the control they need to react in days rather than months.

Speaker: Michael Mokhberi, CEO, Apptus