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9:00 - 9:30

Registration and Breakfast

9:30 - 9:40

Opening Remarks

Scene setting and welcome

Speaker: Johan Jardevall, Strategic Sales Director, Episerver UKI

9:40 - 10:20

Rising to Challenges of the 'Multi-Multi' World

You are now doing business in multiple languages and currencies, at multiple locations around the world, selling to multiple customer segments, through multiple channels and devices. To rise up to the challenge online retailers need to break away from traditional, rigid commerce practice and embrace agility for real time optimisation. This session will explore the growing challenge of the ‘multi-multi’ world and provide practical advice on how to deploy and design great user experience that converts in every level

Speaker: David Bowen, Product Manager, Episerver 

10:20 - 10:40

Customer Case - How IC Companys manage multiple brands in multiple markets with Episerver by Valtech

Fashion clothing manufacturer IC Companys have multiple brands (e.g. Peak Performance, Jackpot, Tiger of Sweden, InWear etc.) in multiple segments, operating on multiple markets. Each brand controls their own marketing efforts including their website, making it different to join up the fashion group's brand value and exert control from the group level.

With Episerver by Valtech, IC Company is able to quickly roll out new sites, centrally manage the site content of their multiple brands and still have control over the sites at brand level.

Speakers: Claus Vestergaard, Senior Advisor, Valtech

10:40 - 11:00

Fika Morning Break

11:00 - 11:40

The Mobile Landscape - Do You Really Need an App?

Take a look around you, on a train, in a queue at the supermarket or at a concert. Chances are good you will see people interacting with their mobile phones or tablets. So far there has been a title wave of new apps being developed by companies and organisations. But is an app really always the answer to the question of how to reach, and interact with customers in mobile devices? In this session we look at the differences between native apps, and mobile web sites, and most important - how do we decide between the two, when we want to engage with customers in the mobile context.

Speakers: Matthia Standberg, Head of Digital, Valtech

11:40 - 12:15

Social by Design

Companies are now expected to provide an online experience built around ‘people’ rather than content. As people are social animals, it’s important to rethink the fundamentals of your online presence with a people centric approach. This session will introduce the idea of ‘social by design’ and discuss the methodology and platforms that you can use to simplify and monetise from your social media relationship, with real life examples of Facebook commerce and multichannel social integration.

Speakers: Jonathan Cook, Head of New Media, Valtech

12:15 - 1:00 Fika Lunch

1:00 - 1:40

How to Use Personalisation to Improve Customer Experience

Personalisation uses the priceless information you gather about customers, both new and returning, to tailor content, information and offers. This session will look at how you can use personalisation to improve user experience and bring your segmentation strategy alive.

Speaker: Steven Cassin, Partner Sales Manager, Episerver

1.40 - 2:20

An Introduction to Responsive Design

Responsive design is a combination of techniques aiming to create interfaces able to adapt to a wide range of devices, optimising the user experience in each of them but using the same code-base. But responsive design is not just about technology, as it also requires a different way of thinking and planning the development of interfaces.

Speaker: Davide Calvo, UX Specialist, Valtech

2:20 - 2:35

 Q&A and Closing Remark

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