Criteria and Awards Categories

Find out more about the judging criteria and categories for this year's awards

Judging Criteria:

  • Content: The information provided on the website including text, video, imagery or even music as a way of communication. Good content should be engaging, relevant and useful for the audience
  • Structure and navigation: The framework of a site and how the content is organised. Good structure and navigation gets your audience to where they want quicker and help them access the information they need easier
  • Multichannel and mobile: People now access websites not just from their PC, but also from mobile and tablet. A good website should be optimised and adapted for all the channels and go where your audience go.
  • Use of Episerver platform: This is how you use your imagination and develop something extraordinary with the Episerver modules. It could be a CRM integration that pulls customer data directly onto the site, use of advanced personalisation to create targeted offers and behavioural merchandising to suggest related products. 
  • Business results: Increased sales and web traffic, improved conversion rate and reduced bounce rate are some of the business results we would like to see from your website as  proof that you’ve made an impact on the bottom line
  • Overall experience: This encompasses content, navigation, ease of use across the channels and business results. It’s the overall experience that adds up to keep visitors coming back for more

Awards Categories:

Best B2C Website

Best B2B Website

Best Ecommerce Website