You can now download the presentations from UK and Ireland Customer and Partner Day 2013

Connecting Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
by Peter Sunna and David Bowen, Product Managers, Episerver

Digital Marketing and E-commerce Roadmap
by Bob Egner, VP Product Management, Episerver

World War C: Surviving and Thriving in the World of Fast-moving Consumers
by Tim Walters, Partner and Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group

CMS Meets Marketing Automation
by Charles Head, Account Director, Silverpop

How To Avoid the Pitfalls in E-commerce Implementation
by Mark Lewis, CTO, Practicology

Pizza Hut Restaurants Case Study
by Victoria Clarke, Head of Marketing, Pizza Hut and Andy O'Brien, Amaze

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Case Study
by James Murphy, Head of Global Digital and Jon Freeman, RICS

Effective Product Information Management
by Jason Simpson, VP Sales and Marketing, Agility Multichannel

Align Integration with Your Business
by Thomas Madsen, CMO, iCore Solutions

Behavioural Merchandising
by Andrew Fowler, Country Manager, Apptus