Episerver 7.5 Commerce Webinar


During the Episerver 7.5 Commerce Partner Webinar several interesting questions were raised. Below you'll find these questions and their corresponding answers.

  • How is the SSO done? Is it using SAML (does it support all SAML profile)?
    If you like to integrate with another CMS than EPI Currently there is no SSO support built in, the platform can be integrated to third party SSO providers. With this release, we provide a unique combination of e-commerce and content management across screens and markets. We do recommend that you use the CMS for the customer to gain full benefit.

  • Does it support the offline first thoughts on HTML5 from W3c storage API, etc?
    Like WebDB, Storage API, Web Storage, FileSystem API and Indexed Database APIYes, it is possible to do a custom implementation by using the storage API.

  • Catalogue: batch changes and product import (via file), is it available out of the box?
    Yes, Episerver 7.5 Commerce supports batch changes via Commerce Manager. Product import is available via CSV or XML.

  • Can we setup the user's permissions to see the products only in read only mode? (just product details without possibility to modify)?
    It is possible to do and requires that you implement a custom UI.

  • An important construction technique is content based on Blocks. However, ContentArea Properties are not supported by Commerce Content Types.
    Yes, content area is supported.

  • How about sorting based on SKUs but showing the products? Filtering I mean, Filter viewable products based on their variants?
    We recommend that you solve this request on your e-commerce site and use either Episerver Find or Apptus for displaying the right products and the variants. 

  • Are you going to get HTML5 support for the TinyMCE rich text editor any time soon?
    You can use HTML 5 with TinyMCE and we have many customers that are already doing this.

  • Will there be a specific developer certification for Commerce?
    Yes this is in development and will be available during H1/2014.

  • Are there any changes in procedure of rebuild index?
    Yes, fully supports incremental / asynchronous indexing. Rebuild should no longer be needed.

  • Can we use external system as a source of products catalog?
    Yes, we have multiple PIM vendors that we collaborate with solutions that are available in the add-on program. You can use them for pre-built integrations, but it is also possible to integrate Episerver Commerce to other PIM solutions and by importing data to the local database. Currently there is no provider model that would allow you to completely replace the catalog system.

  • Are you demoing block content only saved to page?
    This is an ambiguous question…

  • What’s happened to Enoteca?
    It’s been superseded by the Commerce Starter Kit, which provides an easier basis to learn from.

  • When will we see some MVC love for Commerce?
    It is already available and released on Episerver World.
  • What plans are there to retire the Commerce Manager?
    We are migrating key features from the Commerce Manager to the new Episerver user interface. Campaigns and discounts is our next area of focus.

  • What about Google Tag Manager integration?
    This may be developed as an Add-on in the near future.

  • Plans for additional Shipment and Payment Providers?
    We are forming relationships with Payment Providers who will provide modules that pre-integrate to Commerce.

  • Will it take as long for further commerce releases?
    No, we are planning to release with shorter release cycles into 2014

  • What’s next in the release pipeline?
    We have a public roadmap which we share quarterly and where we share information on our plans for the near and long-term future. We regularly hold sessions for our partners so that you can get insight into our plans, so look out for those sessions in our partner newsletters.

  • Do you have a hosted demo site… if not when?
    We have the Commerce Starter Kit available publicly, this can be used for demo purposes. You can also use Episerver Test Cloud to set up your own environment.

  • When will training be available and what training will there be?
    The new training courses on 7.5 Commerce were launched at the same time as the solution shipped, so you can sign up immediately.

  • Is there any price change?
    The price list is unchanged.

  • When can we get our tech certified on it?
    We are looking to launch the new commerce certification during H1 2014.

  • Is the demo site available for customer demos right now?
    The starter kit is part of the Commerce package and can be used for customer demos. If you need further help with demos, we recommend that you contact your local Episerver representative, we will be happy to support you in the demos!

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This webinar was aired and recorded on December 12, 2013.