Welcome and update Episerver Benelux - Marten Kruisinga, Managing Director Episerver Benelux – Van Royenzaal

13:45- 14:30

Trends and opportunities in Customer Experience Management
Tim Walters, ….. -  Van Royenzaal

14:30- 15:15

Episerver +Visual Studio Extensions = Cloud

The platform now has built in support for setting up a development environment in public clouds, including Amazon or Azure, to provide additional flexibility for developers that quickly want to set up a development environment. This session will cover the new Visual Studio Extensions integration based on NuGet and how you can rapidly install Episerver CMS sites. Running Episerver in the cloud requires additional knowledge of how to best configure the platform and in this session Sharham will guide you through how to work with the core of Episerver CMS to do this in a friction free way.

Shahram Shahinzadeh / Developer Episerver Framework Team - Filmzaal

15:15- 15:35

 Break – Van Royenzaal

15:35- 16:20

Search that delivers business results - Episerver Find

Episerver Find is our  state-of-the- art search and navigation technology, which guides visitors from Google all the way to the actual conversion. In this session, Marcus will cover how you can use Episerver Find to  turns search queries into highly relevant landing pages with advanced tagging and faceting technology, setting your customers content and product information free from the site structure. In addition, the session will unveil the how Episerver Find bridges the gap between analytics and action, through the ability to add best bets, synonyms and suggestion immediately from the statistics view. 

Marcus Granström - Filmzaal

16:20- 16:50

Mogul; SEO Manager and Addon Development 

A brief overview of the most common SEO problems you need to know about as developer and what can be done to solve them from a technical point of view. Summary of how the SEO Manager addon can help with these challenges and development tips and tricks with code examples for how to build a nifty addon on your own

Daniel Ovaska / Solution Architect - Filmzaal


16:50- 18:00

Episerver Awards 2014 – Graham Bellzaal
Drinks and networking