2014 Episerver Summit

Keynote Speaker

Peter Shankman, "Nailing Customer Loyalty in the Era of the Mobile, Social and ADHD Customer"

Peter ShankmanBest-selling author, entrepreneur, and global corporate speaker Peter Shankman will explain how now more than ever, it's about focusing on the customers you have, to get the customers you want.

Peter will discuss multiple examples of companies big and small "getting it" to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of new business, and also cautionary tales of companies who didn't, and paid a hefty price.

  • Learn why transparency in all forms of your business will actually help you grow
  • Why relevance starts with brevity, and how to get there
  • How to be "top of mind" to each one of your customers, whether they're shopping in your store, online, or via telephone
  • How something as simple as being "one percent better than the norm" can translate into new business and sustained customer relationships

Peter's fast paced and humourous delivery is not to be missed!


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