Practical e-Commerce Webinar: How to Engage, Convert Demanding Shoppers

The New Path to Purchase: The days of relying on a standalone ecommerce site to sell products and services are over.

Consumers in 2014 demand to be informed about a product across multiple websites, from different sources, on different devices. The new path to purchase is seemingly continuous. Successful merchants must adopt the consumers’ view and must engage and convert them using many tactics, tools, and approaches.

In this pre-recorded webinar, we’ll explain the increasingly complicated path to ecommerce sales.

How to Engage, Convert Demanding Shoppers

We’ll address the following points.

  • Adios conversion funnel. The notion of a simple, on-site conversion funnel is gone. Prior to purchasing, today’s consumers visit multiple commerce sites, read many reviews, and engage socially. We’ll address the many touch points of a 2014 sale.
  • Content is key. Consumers today have access to tons of product data: descriptions, videos, opinions, ratings, articles, price comparisons. We’ll address what consumers expect to know about products and services, and how merchants can fulfill those expectations.
  • Engagement opportunities. Merchants no longer can rely on prospects coming to their sites and then convincing them to buy. In 2014, merchants must engage consumers across many sites, using many different methods. We’ll explain opportunities for offsite engagement that prepare consumers to make the purchase.
  • Continual convincing. Consumers will encounter other products and offers in their paths to purchase. Merchants must be prepared to continually convince their prospects. We’ll review.
  • Examples: good and bad. There are many merchants that recognize the needs of demanding shoppers. We’ll show examples from these successful companies. We’ll also provide examples of companies that struggle, to demonstrate what not to do.