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Watch the recording of the webinar "International best practice implementing B2B eCommerce" and hear from leading US based Forrester Research analyst Andy Hoar how business-to-business eCommerce is transforming business models.

The rapid adoption of eCommerce is creating a shift in the purchasing behaviours of business-to-business customers. To see where the trend is heading we only have to look to the US where B2B eCommerce is now twice as large as B2C.  This presents a real opportunity for Australian B2B organisations, many of which are in their infancy when it comes to facilitating online sales.

This recording shares international best practice and key learnings intended to help B2B companies in Australia take advantage of the growth in this market.

Key themes for the recording include

  • Insights into global B2B eCommerce trends

  • Critical areas to consider when implementing successful B2B eCommerce initiatives.

  • Evolving behaviour of B2B buyers

  • Examples of how Episerver Commerce is being used by B2B Companies


Watch the recording