Webinar Best Practices are Killing Marketing - It's Time to Test and Learn

Multiple screens, countless channels, five-second attention spans: This environment requires unique experiences to get clicks and conversions—not a broad "best practice" that's easily copied.

Break free from “best practice” to tackle the challenges created by customers' high expectations for effortless interactions. Adopt an agile and iterative mind-set. Agile marketing is not a new concept, but an increasingly important approach to delivering customer-centric digital experiences based on the unique needs and wants of your customers.

The key to achieving demonstrable results and ROI in your digital marketing efforts is to execute in a flexible, agile manner—and to leverage technology that supports execution by providing real-time insights.

Join Episerver with DM News to discover:

  • The key principals of agile marketing and how you can adopt them today
  • Techniques for using real-time data to uncover insights to inform your marketing strategy
  • A system for executing in real time, while keeping the big picture in sight
  • Common challenges Episerver customers have faced and how those challenged were solved
  • Insights Episerver has gained in adopting our own test and learn methodologies to deliver a friction-free digital experience to our own customers