Episerver Ascend Las Vegas

Thank youf or being a part of Ascend'15 in Las Vegas. Can't get enough? Relive your favorite sessions again. All ready to download presentation slides available, will find their way here.

Key Presentations

Mark Duffell

Welcome and our vision for Digital Experience Delivery

Speaker: Mark Duffell, CEO, Episerver
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James Norwood

Episerver Market and Product Strategy

Speaker: James Norwood, CMO & Executive Vice President of Strategy, Episerver
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Breakout Sessions

Agile Marketing, Speaker: Lance Farquhar, Episerver

Big Data in Action: Using Episerver Find to streamline experiences, Speaker: Simon Jones, Valtech

Building Blocks: Content Management & Implementation Fundamentals, Speaker: Deane Barker, Business Development Director, Blend Interactive

Code best practices and performance optimization, Speaker: Alf Nilsson, EMVP

Creating the optimal product discovery experience with Episerver Find, Speaker: Mark Hall, Episerver

Creating RESTful APIs for Episerver, Speaker: Mark Hall

DAM/MAM Solutions, Speaker: Torbjorn Nilsson, Episerver

Dare to meet the EMVPs, Speaker: Allan Thraen, Episerver

Delight Customers and Guide Path to Purchase with Personalization, Speaker: Andrea Ouargli, Mud Pie & Faith Albers, Whereoware

Developer Panel: Practical Advice from Code Warriors, Speaker: James Stout, Episerver

Digital Experience Cloud Fall Release for Developers, Speaker: Chris Sharpe, Nansen

Doing What Big Box Retailers Can’t, Speaker: Techromix

Drive the Right Traffic with Savvy Acquisition, Speaker: Joakim Holmquist, Episerver

DXH in the Digital Experience Cloud, Speaker: Dick Sterry, Episerver

Enhance and Enrich- Adding PIM to your Digital Commerce Experiences, Speaker: Johan Liljeros, Avensia &  Johan Bostrom, inRiver

How to Maximize Your Ektron CMS- Tips & Tricks from an Ektron MVP, Speaker: Ken McAndrew, Software Engineer, RDA Corporation

How to supercharge your conversions with remarketing, Speaker: Joakim Holmquist, Episerver

Introduction Configuration for the Digital Experience Cloud, Speaker: Episerver

Introducing Digital Experience Cloud Fall Release for Marketers, Speaker: Bob Egner, Episerver

Introduction to MVC for the developer crowd, Speaker: Fredrik Haglund

Native Apps for a Mobile World, and how they differ from the Mobile Web, Speaker: Andrew Eddy, SilverTech

One Click, You're Out, Speaker: David Kragenbrink

Product Roadmap, Speaker: Bob Egner, Episerver

Soak It Up: SPA Time for Developers, Speaker: Jon Price, Development Lead, Speaker: Andrew Eddy, SilverTech, Inc

Social Interaction Search- Winning Intranet, Speaker: Hendrix College

Technology Futures: ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 in the Episerver platform, Speaker: Johan Bjornfot, CMS Core Team

The Internet of Things- A Business Overview, Speaker: Mike Medaglia, First Line Software

Unlock the power of self-service in next generation portals, Speaker: Clifton  Render, ProAssurance Companies

Upgrading Your Ektron Installation With Siteport, Speaker: Christian Burne

What’s in Your Toolkit? Using the Right Tools to Enhance Employee Engagement in Your Intranet, Speaker: Krista MacDonald, Jazz Aviation


LAB: Agile Techniques for Digital Marketers, Speaker: Shannon Gray, Episerver
LAB: Automatic Landing Pages and UX for a High Conversion Search Pages Using Episerver Find, Speaker: Stephen Mann, Episerver
LAB: Developing for B2B Commerce using Pricing Providers, Speaker: Matt Mols & Chris Sharp, Nansen
LAB: Developing for the Mobile Web, Speaker: Glenn Lalas & Mathieu Agee, Adage Technologies
LAB: Digital Commerce Personalization - Creating Targeted Customer Experiences, Speaker: David Bowen & Mark Hall, Episerver; Fredrik Haglund, Kodment or FH
LAB: Ektron Developer Workshop, Speaker: Aniel Sud, Episerver; Ken McAndrew, RDA Corporation; Jay Burling, Hendrix College
LAB: Ektron Developer Workshop, Speaker: Aniel Sud, Episerver
LAB: Episerver Developer Workshop - Focus on Commerce, Speaker: Valdis Iļjučonoks, Geta AS
LAB: Episerver Developer Workshop - Focus on Content, Speaker: Eddy Dugan, Episerver; Fredrik Haglund, Kodment or FH
LAB: Episerver Find - Advanced Developer Scenarios, Speaker: Patrick van Kleef, Macaw; Mari Jorgensen, Geta AS
LAB: Episerver Find 101 - The Hands on Introduction, Speaker: Henrik Fransas, NetRelations
LAB: Hands on A/B Testing in Episerver, Speaker: Chris Osterhout, WSOL
LAB: Hands on Creating Mobile Experiences in Episerver, Speaker: Dan Matthews, Episerver
LAB: Hands on Creating Personalized Experiences, Speaker: Marija Jemuovic, Mogul
LAB: Hands on Discounts and Promotions in Episerver, Speaker: Mark Hall, Episerver
LAB: Hands on Effective Merchandising for Episerver, Speaker: David Bowen, Episerver
LAB: Hands on Forms in Digital Experience Cloud for Marketers, Speaker: Jeff Wallace, Episerver
LAB: Hands on Google Analytics with Episerver, Speaker: Bill Murray, Episerver
LAB: Hands on Instant Templates for Business Users, Frederik Vig, Geta AS
LAB: Hands on Using SharePoint Content in Digital Experiences, Speaker: Jason Masterson, Episerver
LAB: Hands on Workflow Collaboration in Episerver, Speaker: Magnus Baneryd, Episerver
LAB: Hands on Working with Atomized Content, Speaker: Helen Hopkinson, Episerver
LAB: Optimizing for High Performance Content Delivery - CDN and Caching Tips, Speaker: Dan Matthews, Episerver
LAB: Practical Forms Combined with CRM, Speaker: Dick Sterry, Episerver
LAB: Practical Marketing Automation and the Web, Speaker: Chris Osterhout, WSOL
LAB: Practical SEO - Tips and Tricks for Episerver, Speaker: Bill Murray, Episerver
LAB: Using Customer Data to Improve Engagement Using Episerver Find, Speaker: Stephen Mann, Episerver; Chris Banner, SilverTech
LAB: Working with Federated Security for Authentication and Authorization, Speaker: Dan Matthews, Episerver