Webinar: How to extend your all-inclusive feel to the online experience

Casinos are so much more than just games. Today’s casino marketers know that it takes an all-inclusive experience to bring in customers in the door.


2PM EST | 11am PST

Casinos have expanded their appeal with fine dining options, luxury accommodations, exciting stage shows, and family entertainment. All-inclusive casinos are pushing their industry into a new era, but their digital experience is still lagging behind.

How can you replicate your all-inclusive feel on your website to drive new customers and increase engagement from loyal patrons?

Join experts from Adage and Episerver to take the first steps toward bringing your website up to speed with a quality customer experience and an authentic digital brand. Topics to be discussed include:

• Understanding user experience, customer experience, and digital brand

• Outlining your digital brand and customer journey

• Digital marketing tools for putting your digital brand into practice

RSVP for the webinar today to build an all-inclusive digital experience that complements its brick and mortar counterpart.