Episerver Developer Meetup Helsinki

Developers, developers, developers! It’s time for the inaugural Helsinki developer meetup. Learn about some of the hottest topics in epi from a developer’s point of view.


Amcham Finland
Eteläranta 6 A 8

The topics covered should be of great interest to any epi developer worth their weight:

Episerver Forms - Mikko Huilaja, Solita

In the Winter Release 2016, Episerver Forms were officially released! Finally, a replcament for XForms. We will talk through different form examples you can build, re-using them, and customized rendering for display channels, personalization, multi-language and permissions. As well as the new four elements added after Beta; Date time, Range, Rich text and URL.

Commerce Promotion Engine - Quan Mai, Episerver

We will take you through the new and improved promotions engine in Commerce.

TBA - James Stout, Episerver

James Stout is the Principal Evangelist at Episerver so this man knows what he talks about.