Webinars: Digital Transformation in the Financial Services sector

Digital Transformation is essential in the Financial Services sector. Over the month of May we will be running a webinar series on this topic. Hear from Wesleyan Assurance, Swinton Insurance and G4S Cash Collections, leading financial services organisation, on how they delivered a digital growth strategy that's helping them thrive in their industry.


United Kingdom

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G4S Cash Collections taps into new market with digital innovation and sees exciting commercial potential from its new Cash Collections site 

As a business. G4S Cash Solutions are constantly looking at new and innovative means to approach new customers. Join this webinar and hear how G4S have reached new market sectors and succesfully communicated directly with new and existing customer base. 

As a Financial Services organisation, learn how you can: 

  • Create a smooth user experience on a website that's fully responsive
  • Deliver tailored content to your customers according to context, location and their engagement level
  • Benefit from exciting commercial potential
  • Build a sophisticated and highly secure transactional application

Presenter: Alex Shephard, Marketing & Communications Manager at G4S Cash

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Why Episerver intranet is the ideal platform for a leading financial services company to deliver its digital growth strategy

In this webinar you’ll find out how Wesleyan is using Episerver CMS to create the ideal digital workplace.

Businesses that want to grow and thrive know that digital transformation is essential. Companies in the financial services sector are no exception, although they do face their own unique challenges.

One of the pillars of digital transformation is the workplace – enabling staff to easily connect, share and organise information across any device. Creating the ideal digital workplace requires the perfect blend of:

  • a client with vision and a strong future digital growth strategy,
  • a flexible, versatile and user-friendly software platform and
  • an agency that understands financial services and is good at developing and delivering the technology.

Tune into the webinar to discover how a three way partnership between Wesleyan Assurance, Episerver and CDS is enabling Wesleyan’s users to increase efficiency and productivity while providing a rewarding and enjoyable experience that facilitates the use of knowledge throughout its business.

Presenter: Andrew Southall, Digital Propositions & Capabilities Manager at Wesleyan Assurance

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Swinton demonstrates innovation and reaps the rewards by putting reactive content at the heart of its digital strategy

In the modern world, static content is no longer enough. When your digitally empowered customers are connected to the world on a 24/7 basis, they demand – and expect to receive – information  – more quickly than ever before. The key to being able to capitalise on this is agility: the ability to react to situations, provide the right information and position your brand at the front of the pack.

This is as true in the financial services sector as any other, and Swinton Insurance’s response has been to put reactive content at the heart of its digital strategy – using Episerver to integrate weather and geo-location APIs to automate delivery and surfacing of timely, relevant content during the recent winter flooding. 

Tune in to the webinar to find out how Swinton, Zone and Episerver are working together to give customers the financial services content they need, when they need it most.

Speaker: Adam Moran, Senior Marketing Manager - Digital, Swinton Insurance

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