17th May

Amsterdam: Migrating to the Episerver Cloud Service; Customer Meet-Up

This customer meet-up is your chance to learn, first hand from Episerver product experts and Episerver customers themselves, about the financial impact and benefits of migrating to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service.


Generaal Vetterstraat 51-A

More and more organisations are looking to move away from web-centric platforms to more pervasive, multichannel digital experiences – but the journey into the Cloud needn’t be a blue-sky dream.

The benefits of moving to the cloud are numerous; a cloud-based platform enables you to be more agile, provides you with new platform features via continuous releases, and lets you avoid hefty up-front costs (but we're sure you knew this already).

The aim of this event is not to feed you with marketing material and PowerPoint slides. But rather, we will simplify the process of migrating to the cloud and clearly lay out the benefits that your organization could see from a financial perspective, and in the day-to-day running of the business. 

What to expect from the half-day workshop:

  • 8:45: Arrival & Breakfast
  • 09:45: Hear some short presentations from David Knipe, Director of Solution Architecture, on…
    • … the ROI of migrating to the Digital Experience Cloud and building a business case for why you should migrate your platform.
    • … transitioning to the Digital Experience Cloud with specific customer references, and how you get from A-B.
    • … the roadmap of Episerver's Digital Experience Cloud, including what features you could take advantage of if you migrate today, and what is coming soon. 
  • 10:30: A presentation from an Episerver customer who has recently migrated and the results they have seen so far. 
  • 11:15: We'll have some finger food and break into small roundtable discussions. This is your chance to talk through your challenges and company objectives to build out what your journey to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud would look like.