Achieving one-to-one Marketing in a highly regulated industry

In this upcoming Webinar, we will demystify one-to-one marketing for the financial services industry. Verndale will share their expert knowledge, touching on the successes, pitfalls and learnings from their experience in the industry.

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Eastern Standard Time

The webinar recording will be available here in a few days.

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We’ve all experienced one-to-one marketing in one way or another in our lives from our day to day searches on Google or any of our purchases through Amazon, but what does it take to achieve one-to-one marketing within the highly regulated financial services industry?

This webinar will help you get closer to implementing one-to-one marketing and answer your most burning questions, such as:

  • What is one-to-one marketing in FinServ?
  • What can I do about regulations in the marketplace?
  • How can I leverage my data?
  • Where do emerging technologies such as voice come into play?
  • What can I do to implement one-to-one marketing practices today?

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Kevin Schofield

Digital Stategy Director