A masterclass for Ecommerce email marketing

What’s the secret to real 1-to-1 personalisation in emails?

There’s a lot of interesting stats out there about the benefits of sending personalised emails. According to Mike McEvoy, founder of Web Presence Solutions, “Brands that personalise emails experience 27% higher unique click through rates and 11% higher open rates”.

But how do you actually personalise these emails to get these results? And we’re not talking about personalisation like Hi ‘firstname’ or even preferences you have stored that you can segment on.

We are talking about real 1-to-1 personalisation which automatically generates personalised product recommendations directly into all your emails based on an individual’s website browsing and purchasing. These products show in real-time and have the highest propensity for purchase for each individual – whenever the email is opened.  

According to Email Marketing expert Kath Pay, in her latest blog post on Econsultancy, marketers are doing two things wrong when it comes to personalising email, one of them being, marketers lead with technology, not strategy.


Which is why in our half day masterclass, on Tuesday 26th September, we are going to focus on retailers email marketing strategy and show you real-life examples from leading UK retailers such as Cath Kidston, The White Company and Hawes & Curtis to show you how you can personalise your emails and see results like: 

  • 53% increase in click-through rate
  • 50% increase in conversion rate
  • 40% more revenue than non-personalised email


KPI’s and strategies for ecommerce email marketing covered include: 

  • Email click-through rate
  • Email conversion rate
  • Unsubscribes
  • Average Order Value
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Targeted Discounts
  • Abandoned Basket
  • Abandoned Checkout
  • Repurchase Activation
  • High Product Interest
  • Multiple visits but not purchased

When and where?

Tue, Sep 26, 2017
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Place: N0 11 Cavendish Square
Address: W1G 0AN
City: London




9am: Welcome, breakfast served

9.30am: A retailer's email marketing strategy and how to use a Customer Value Index report to quantify the results expected

10am: What data you have and what data you can collect to personalise your emails 

10.30am: Case study: Real-life examples from retailer such as Cath Kidston, The White Company and Hawes & Curtis who use email personalisation to boost sales and retention

11.15am: How to do it: How technology can enable you to send real 1-to-1 personalised messages

11.45am: Q&A