Episerver Awards UK & Ireland 2017

Celebrating the best in Digital Marketing!




It’s finally time for the Episerver Awards 2017! Episerver Awards is a competition between websites built on the Episerver platform. The winners will be announced during our Awards evening 31st October, Grange City Hotel, London. 




This year you can enter websites in the following categories. We understand that a website is complex and usually fits in more than one category, however, you may only nominate a website for one category.


Select your category based on your website’s main purpose: 


Lead-generating website   


The main objective of the website is to generate sales leads. 

The website is sticky and collects contact information from visitors for further sales processes. Gated content is mixed with public content in a smart and effective way. Visitors provide contact details in order to access in-depth knowledge or interesting content. Many B2B sites would fit into this category. 


Brand and information website 


The main purpose of the website is to drive engagement and awareness.

The website engages and provides relevant content to the organisation’s key audiences, such as customers, partners, employees and investors. The website helps strengthen the brand and increases interest in the company’s selection of products and services. We think many corporate websites will fit into this category.


E-commerce website 


The main purpose is to sell products on the website.

It should be easy to find the product you are interested in, and the checkout flow should require only a few clicks. Social functions, such as ratings and reviews, are important on a B2C site in order to make it easier for customers to understand the product. For a B2B site, a chat function can be more valuable in helping a customer complete the purchase. Creating an engaging, fun and easy shopping experience is very important. 


Service and support website 


The main purpose of the website is to help visitors find the right information.

A high level of customer service is important, such as by providing e-services that simplify everyday life and make it easy for visitors to complete tasks. Clear navigation, structure and strong search capabilities are needed to help visitors find the information they need, or to solve their problem or task. We think many public websites, utility sites and portals fit into this category.

Note that nominated websites must have been launched within the last 18 months. Websites older than that are not eligible for the competition.


Submit your entry!

Submitting your entry from a glance:

  • Entries are open from 6th June to 22nd September
  • Please choose one category only for your site
  • Judging will take place between September and October
  • Finalists will be announced October online and voting will take place
  • Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in November in London- venue and date to be announced shortly with registration details 

How does it work?

Both partners and customers can nominate a website that is based on Episerver’s platform and has been launched within the last 18 months. As a partner, you need permission from the end customer to participate in the competition.

You nominate your website by choosing a category and filling in the form on the category page. Try to describe your nomination as concisely as possible since you have a limited amount of characters. 

People’s choice: Best UK & Ireland Website – overall 

In addition to winning a category, this year all nominated entries will compete for Best UK & Ireland Website. The winner will be appointed by the public. No judging panel will be involved. The vote will take place online during a specified period between September and October 2017. 

Last day to submit entries

The last day to submit entries is 5.30pm, Friday 22nd September


If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Danielle Marshall-Manifold.