2019 B2C ecommerce benchmark report

Get definitive answers to your top digital commerce questions from Episerver's 2019 benchmark study of 1.3 billion unique online shopping sessions across 159 retail and consumer brand websites around the world.

Learn what to add, adjust or accelerate in your digital marketing strategies.

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What traffic source has the highest units per order?

Direct traffic and email traffic have the highest units per order by traffic source both in 2017 and 2018. As for why, personalized recommendations are more abundant on retail websites and in emails versus other channels listed – leading to a more intuitive and inspirational experience. 

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Which device type accounts for the most items sold per transaction?

Despite mobile being responsible for most retail website traffic, people are buying more items when they access a retail website on their desktop computers. Learn what can you do to increase purchases as customers move through the purchase funnel.

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The B2C Dot-Com Report: Episerver highlights 2018-2019 B2C commerce site metrics that answer top ecommerce questions

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  1. What channel is driving the most site traffic?
  2. What traffic source has the highest conversion rate?
  3. What is the best cumulative traffic source?

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