2019 online shopping habits and retailer strategies

For the third year in a row, Episerver has surveyed 4,500 consumers about their online shopping habits and expectations. Download the report to see the results and learn the key tactics to delivering standout ecommerce experiences.

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Amazon has wide variety but content and experiences matter

The report shows that marketplaces like Amazon reign supreme by offering a wide variety of products and price options. To get ahead, brands and retailers must implement dynamic, integrated content marketing and customer-experience strategies that forge personal, emotional connections with shoppers that go beyond transactions.


87% of online shoppers compare what they find on a brand or retailer’s site to Amazon. Incorrect or incomplete content on a brand’s website and/or mobile app has stopped 97% of online shoppers from completing a purchase.


Voice-assisted shopping most effective for repeat purchases

Voice is gradually becoming part of online shopping habits. More consumers are turning to voice for online shopping. The report, however, shows there is a preference for voice research over voice purchase. Brands and retailers should consider using voice to attract frequent shoppers for repeat purchases, while using traditional channels to build relationships with new customers or less frequent shoppers.


43% of consumers cited a lack of security features as the number one reason they won’t make more purchases via voice-enabled devices. Difficulty searching for and comparing products were also cited as barriers to increased voice purchases.


Social media drives purchasing by younger consumers

Social media has evolved into an established shopping channel, particularly for younger shoppers. Influencers are more important than ever. Fifty-two percent of online shoppers who use social media have clicked on an influencer’s post, according to the report, and a third of those shoppers (31 percent) have made a direct purchase from the post.


21% of online shoppers ages 37 and under turn to social media for inspiration online when they do not have a product in mind for purchase, compared to just 5% of online shoppers ages 38 and older.


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Reimagining Commerce: Principles of Standout Digital Shopping Experiences

Learn about the the online shopping habits of over 4,500 online shoppers. The report takes an in-depth look at the trends, tactics and technologies guiding brands and retailers in the age of experience-driven commerce.

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