New online consumer behavior 2018 study shows why experiences matter

Is your company losing money because it is ignoring what online consumer behavior really means? Many companies are too focused on counting conversions instead of understanding why browsers became buyers, and what happened to the majority who did not.

As consumers gather information about products and services, companies have multiple opportunities to engage with them. Through experience-driven commerce, companies can gain their trust, create connections and impress them by truly responding to their online consumer behavior.

A new Episerver global study found that online shoppers:

  • Are looking for a reason to buy. They are going online to search for (35 percent) and compare (29 percent) products or services.

  • Want brands to remember them. 87 percent are okay with companies knowing more about them.

  • Really aren't asking for all that much in commerce experiences; 44 percent abandon purchases because something as basic as a product search function is missing.

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