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    10 Considerations for GDPR - Part 1

    With the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rapidly approaching, we at Episerver are happy to share some information on how our company is going through transformational changes to not just enable all of our Digital Experience Cloud customers to be best situated to get to GDPR compliance, but also be a leader in the Digital Marketing, Commerce, Personalization, and Campaign field on all things GDPR.

    Peter Yeung

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    Welcoming Emails for new Newsletter Readers

    A simple “welcome” or “thanks” still seems to be something that remains difficult for some advertisers to say. Email marketers are also not immune to falling into the same old way of thinking either: sales, sales, sales. Sure, the sale of your products is one of your main goals. But new newsletter subscribers are often not quite ready for making purchases. Aspects such as the researching of products and comparing offers are frequently underestimated or neglected. A well written welcoming email gently brings your own brand closer to the reader. If the prospective buyer then decides on making a purchase, this form of brand loyalty may prove to be decisive.

    Marc Bohnes

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    8 tips for creating effective welcome emails

    In email marketing, there is no better time to contact the potential customer than immediately after their newsletter subscription. Why? Because, through their permission, the subscriber has signaled a clear interest in your brand and products – and is awaiting your first email.

    René Kulka

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    Style guide - a digital campfire to unify system with organization

    A style guide used to be a static document for a brands visual language in terms of the brand logotype, colours, fonts and typography. A style guide today is so much more than that. Style guides are starting to become a common strategy for organizations to manage both brand consistency while also setting a common standard for development and maintenance of entire application landscapes.

    Sandra Granberg

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    How to improve your content governance with great CMS design

    Content governance isn’t just about process, it’s about design. After all, content editors are users too, says Zone content strategist Ryan Cordell…

    Ryan Cordell

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    Amaze wins ‘Website of the Year’ at Prolific North Awards

    Amaze’s website for Childline has scooped a top industry award by harnessing the scalability and content management flexibility of Episerver.

    James Sharpe

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    How to use push notifications for ecommerce marketing

    Push notifications in smartphones are an exciting cross-channel opportunity. These notifications can provide relevant information and limited-time offers at exactly the right moment. Here are my tips for creating a successful push notification strategy.

    René Kulka