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    Q&A: Moving from Ektron to the Digital Experience Cloud

    At the recent Episerver Ascend conferences, such as in Las Vegas, our customer-facing representatives were asked a number of questions regarding the move from Ektron to the Digital Experience Cloud. Here are some FAQ-style responses based on some of the most common questions asked:

    James Stout

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    Why multichannel marketing is simpler than you think

    It’s natural to think that multichannel, omni-channel, or “integrated marketing” would require more resources and complexity. When done right, the contrary is true – it facilitates economies of scale by looking at the bigger picture, saving time and creating more efficiency.

    Leanne McClean

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    UK online shopping experience: the good, the bad and how to find your focus

    The UK retail market is one of the most advanced in e-commerce adoption. To explore online shopping experiences in the UK, Tryzens – a retail systems integrator and Episerver partner – surveyed 1000 consumers on their retail choices, behaviours and online shopping preferences.

    Youtse Sung

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    How to use an agile scrum framework for developing an Episerver site

    This blog post discusses Fig Leaf Software’s approach to adopting an agile scrum framework for a full web content management site redesign and development, powered by Episerver. You'll learn the business motivations and technical justifications behind our decision to embrace an agile scrum framework, and gain insights into the benefits from adopting this new paradigm for Episerver development projects.

    Theonic Way

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    Website personalization: Why, how and what's next

    Website personalization is the future of marketing. Personalization elevates the brand experience by reaching customers with messages, products and offers that speak to their individual needs. We’ll show you why you should be personalizing customers’ online experiences, how to do it, and what’s next for brands forging closer relationships with customers.

    Faith Albers

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    Understanding B2B e-commerce best practices

    Now more than ever, B2B customers prefer a digital experience when they want to engage or do business with manufacturers or distributors. In fact, last year, two-thirds of B2B customers made a business-related purchase online, and over one-third of them researched nearly all of their B2B purchases online first (regardless of how they finally made their purchase).

    Edward Kennedy

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    Who’s winning the digital race to the White House?

    The results are in for Episerver’s study ranking the digital campaigns of the leading presidential candidates, and two people have a clear position at the top: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Trump, of course, is well known for his frequent and often controversial tweets, and Sanders’ website draws more daily visitors than any other candidate.

    Joakim Holmquist