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    Understanding B2B e-commerce best practices

    Now more than ever, B2B customers prefer a digital experience when they want to engage or do business with manufacturers or distributors. In fact, last year, two-thirds of B2B customers made a business-related purchase online, and over one-third of them researched nearly all of their B2B purchases online first (regardless of how they finally made their purchase).

    Edward Kennedy

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    Who’s winning the digital race to the White House?

    The results are in for Episerver’s study ranking the digital campaigns of the leading presidential candidates, and two people have a clear position at the top: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Trump, of course, is well known for his frequent and often controversial tweets, and Sanders’ website draws more daily visitors than any other candidate.

    Joakim Holmquist

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    Overcoming barriers to multichannel marketing success

    In partnership with Digital Doughnut, Episerver recently surveyed over 200+ marketers to find out how they are tackling multichannel marketing. The resulting report presents an overview of single-channel, multichannel and omnichannel strategies, as well as insights about how well marketers feel they are able to implement these strategies.

    Youtse Sung

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    Content and Commerce: Bridging the Gap

    Over the last five years, content marketing has grown increasingly sophisticated. In order to encourage consumers to engage with their promotional messaging, marketers have needed to create content that is genuinely informative, educational, and even entertaining for their customers. In many ways, the “marketing” part of content marketing (hard sells, calls to action, etc.) has increasingly given way to the “content” part of the equation.

    David Bowen

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    Give your marketing skills a lift at Episerver Ascend

    At Episerver Ascend ’15 you will learn, you will network, you will get better at what you do, and you will have a ton of fun! Here are a few things I hope marketers will take away from the conference:

    Jessica Dannemann

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    Business-First: Choosing an Enterprise CMS

    Selecting the software to manage content on your website as well as all other channels is neither a small nor simple task. Though it can often feel daunting to someone who doesn’t live and breathe Web Content Management on a daily basis, the difficulty should not be used as an excuse to make what feels like a quick and easy selection but may turn out to be problematic in the long run.

    James Stout

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    Why agile marketing must be about more than social media

    Unfortunately, too many marketers have confused ad-hoc social media promotions with genuine agile marketing.

    Youtse Sung