Happy 25th Birthday Episerver

What were you doing 25 years ago? We can say for sure it wasn't web surfing or shopping from an iPhone. In fact, Episerver came around long before smartphones and even the search engines and social media we know today.

Episerver's brand communications team - Rachel Teitt Gill, Chad Henderson, Patrick Nel and myself - wanted to celebrate that history with a light-hearted video showcasing not only how far the company has come in a quarter of a century but how far technology in general has as well. We hope you enjoy. 

In 1990, the World Wide Web came into our lives.​ This made it easier than ever before to share​ content.

And there was a lot of it.

But to publish content, you often had to​ know how to write HTML, making it difficult for non-developers.

In 1993, the first browser was launched that could combine text and graphics...

And things got a little more interesting.

Soon after, in 1994, Episerver was founded to work with something called “electronic mail”.

It turned out that email would become a thing...

Episerver then began helping companies manage content for websites, which made content easier to consume.

And in 1997, we launched one of the first professional web content management systems, or CMS.

Marketers could now manage and publish content even faster.

Then came Google, Facebook, Skype and YouTube.

And by 2006, more than one billion people were using the internet. 

One year later, the first iPhone was released, and again this changed everything

More than ever, the internet became a place not to just share content…

..but a place to create experiences.

And, of course, sell things… some weirder than others.

In 2008, Episerver launched our first digital commerce solution. We combined it with our CMS to empower marketers and merchandisers alike.

By 2014, people began to expect that their experiences online should also be personalized.​
The Information Age was becoming the Experience Age.

And so in 2015, Episerver responded by launching the Digital Experience Cloud.

By 2017, the Digital Experience Cloud had put digital marketing, content and commerce all in one place.

It was using artificial intelligence to help organizations move faster and engage customers.

Today Episerver helps marketers, merchandisers and digital professionals quickly deliver rich experiences to their customers, wherever they are. ​

On websites… on smartphones… in email….or through the internet of things.

To all of our customers and partners...

...we’d like to thank you for making our journey from the Information Age to the Experience Age possible!

We can’t wait to see what experiences the next 25 years will bring.

:: Script written by Chad Henderson ::