Reactions to Episerver's Idio acquisition

Last week, Episerver announced the acquisition of content personalization and analytics company Idio. As we here at Episerver welcome the people and platform to Episerver, we wanted to get reactions about the news from employees and partners to help our customers understand the news better.

Let’s dive in to see why this news matters for our customers and their customers as well as what functionality Idio brings to Episerver's customer-centric product suite. 

With the acquisition of Idio, now an Episerver company, we are thrilled to see how Episerver again innovates and disrupts the space of content management. Keeping a steady focus on further strengthening their roots in content management is a smart move, helping Episerver continue to serve businesses with market-leading experience management tools to create the connected and cohesive digital experiences our clients, and their content consumers, expect.

The expectations of one-to-one dialogue between brand and consumer are finally realized. Not through technological advancement made available to only the big digital players of the world, but more in the sense of real utility and analytical insights businesses undergoing a digital transformation both tactically and strategically can benefit from. We see a bright future for the merge of these two companies. Opposite the competitors in the space, the acquisition truly enables well-orchestrated customer-centric digital experiences, which businesses can actually use and maintain.” ~ Casper Aagaard Rasmussen, VP of Enterprise Platforms & Episerver Practice Lead at Valtech

"We've come to expect personalized experiences in nearly every aspect of life, from shopping to travel, entertainment to banking. By teaming with Idio, Episerver will ease the struggle we face as developers when connecting users with content manually.

It will let us extract more insight from the information we collect and use to make predictive next-best-content recommendations. Episerver and Idio both know that content is the core of the customer experience. We're excited to deliver a more personalized journey for each visitor while adapting to their changing preferences over time.” ~ Karla Santi, Chief Executive Officer of Blend Interactive

“Idio unlocks the power and value at the core of your CMS – your content. Through dynamic content recommendations and analytics to help educate your team about conversion trends and insights, you can empower your marketers to build better, faster and more powerful content to resonate with your customers more effectively. Idio and Episerver are a natural fit across all key verticals to help deliver the right content to the right users at the right time.” ~ Jeff Cheal, Sr. Director of Customer Strategy at Episerver

“In the age of Amazon Business, growing B2B merchants can compete with digital giants through an experience that demonstrates their unique product knowledge and simplifies life for their buyer.  I believe that Episerver is uniquely equipped to support companies in delivering a strong B2B digital commerce experience and Idio only makes Episerver’s value to B2B businesses stronger

Idio enables businesses to generate more revenue through providing each person with a relevant experience tailored uniquely to them based on their unique interests. Idio drives value quickly, through an approach that leverages data to create highly personalized experiences across channels without manual rules.

Idio’s capabilities offer B2B merchants a clear advantage because they make it easy for their digital marketing teams to create effective digital experiences. This acquisition is further demonstration of Episerver’s commitment to innovating with technology to provide tools that enable customers to deliver more effective experiences with less effort.” ~ Lori McDonald, President & CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions

“The acquisition of Idio demonstrates again how Episerver listens and solves their customers’ pain points. Marketers use Episerver’s digital experience platform to increasingly deliver a tailored, 1:1 experience to every customer. True omnichannel personalization is an engine, fueled by targeted content. 

Marketers striving to personalize their customers’ experience find themselves creating and curating a significant volume of targeted content. This is especially true in the B2B space, where longer, more complicated sales cycles require relevant content touches to answer questions, sooth concerns, and prove value.

Idio simplifies content targeting and distribution for digital personalization, while making it more powerful, automated, measurable and effective. It helps marketers understand their customers’ intent and interests for better segmentation, while automating delivery of the best content to each user. It’s a perfect complement to the Episerver offering and focus on marrying commerce and content online.” ~ Joe Harris, Chief Revenue Officer of Whereoware

“Helping customers to discover the products they will love (and buy) is an absolute game changer in retail, and Episerver plus Idio will help Episerver customers achieve that goal with ease and precision never seen before.

This acquisition is not only one step in the right direction, but it also puts Episerver one (if not more) step ahead of the competition. I am super excited to see our customer implementations leverage such power.” ~ Quan Mai, Senior Customer Implementation Director at Episerver

"This is a great move and uplift for Episerver and our customers. The acquisition of Idio, along with other recent events, showcases our focus on the importance of content as the focal point for all engagement, including online.

Idio will bring forth far greater ability to surface the most meaningful content to each visitor, boosting their joy in working with Episerver-supported organizations while giving those organizations clear insights into the addressable needs of their audience." ~ James Stout, Solution Architect at Episerver

To learn more about Episerver’s acquisition of Idio, read our full announcement or book a personalized Episerver demo