What Episerver partners and developers learned at Ascend ’15

So much happened at our Ascend ’15 conference in Las Vegas! Here is a quick recap from around the web, where Episerver partners and developers share what they learned and liked from the event.


Episerver partners

A great recap of day one at Ascend ’15 has been written by Katie Scott, National Business Manager at our partner Empired. “The first keynote was delivered by Mark Duffell, the CEO of Episerver. Mark shared with us highlights of Epi’s transformation and investments over the last year, which saw a 40-year history of two good companies (Ektron and Episerver) merging into one great one.”

Katie also wrote about the Top 6 New Features for Marketers in the Episerver Fall 2015 Release, which was presented at Ascend ’15. “The Fall Release empowers marketers, merchandisers and digital developers to instantly realize their brilliant ideas through a super productive people-first technology platform,” she writes.

In another blog post, four Ascend ’15 attendees from Episerver partner WSOL share their insights from the event. Bill Casey, Co-Founder and CEO at WSOL, writes, “The no-nonsense professional attitude of Episerver’s staff and the noticeable focus on users and partners was a clear indication that Episerver means business and hopes to win the hearts and minds of the large base of Ektron clients who are still unsure about the future.”

Episerver partner SilverTech has written about one of the main themes of the event, Ascending Toward Contextual Content: “From the opening keynote, the focus was evident: the future of content delivery lies in harnessing context to create engaging experiences.”


Episerver developers

David Boyd, an Episerver developer at Engage, writes about the 5 main things he took away from the event as a developer. “One of the most interesting things I was looking to see at Ascend ’15 was the new Forms builder that is coming to Episerver.”

Patrick van Kleef, a web developer at Macaw, has summarized his Ascend ’15 presentation with Mari Jørgensen on Episerver Find advanced developer scenarios. “We had 70 minutes for our session and it was a real challenge to fit all topics in the timeframe because we had so many things to talk about,” he writes.

Henrik Fransas, a system developer and EMVP at NetRelations, was clearly impressed by Ascend ‘15 keynote speaker Erik Wahl. Here is Henrik’s video of Wahl on stage painting John Lennon to the song “Imagine.”


Episerver EMVP Summit

After Ascend ’15 in Las Vegas, the 2015 Episerver EMVP Summit was held in Zion National Park in Utah. Alexander Haneng, COO and Head of Technology at Geta, gives a behind the scenes look at the summit, and explains what the EMVP program is all about.


Ascend ’15 in the media

Den Howlett, a writer at Diginomica, had some nice things to say about the event, and the Ascend ’15 app used at the event. “The customer conference season is not over yet and while it is easy to get jaded with cloud-blah-IoT-blah-blah I was especially keen to attend Ascend 2015, Episerver’s first US customer gig. It was an excellent time investment. Here’s why.” Read his full report here: An epic Episerver Ascend 2015 customer conference


If you attended an Ascend ’15 event, please let us know what you thought about it in our short survey. Thanks!


Annette Obermeier

Annette Obermeier

Director, Marketing NA

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