Welcome aboard, Mediachase team!

Today, we at Episerver are excited to announce the acquisition of our e-commerce provider, Mediachase’s, business.

The combined entity brings together Episerver’s existing digital marketing capabilities with Mediachase’s easy-to-use e-commerce framework to support a larger customer base and to allow a broader partner network to serve the market.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few reporters about our decision to bring in Mediachase’s business and as I’ve told them, Episerver’s greatest opportunity lies in where we see the e-commerce space going and where we think we can provide the greatest value to businesses moving forward.

In 2012, e-commerce is a definite growth area for Episerver and we’re sure we can participate in and accelerate the following trends:

  1. Commerce is not just on the web anymore. It’s becoming increasingly mobile, socially-enabled and personalized to meet customer needs at any given moment.
  2. Personalization makes a difference to conversion rates. Understanding consumer behavior on your website is the best way for businesses to influence traditional conversion challenges like shopping cart abandonment.
  3. Ease of use for organizations and customers is important.  Developers need to be able to perform these complicated functions in an easy and streamlined way.
  4. Customer experience is a competitive differentiator.  Customers want a seamless experience not only across multiple online channels, and now cross-channel bridging the physical brick and mortar world and the online world.
  5. Go global to drive growth.  In our increasingly connected world, businesses can extend their reach to customers in an efficient way by taking online transactions from around the world.

We’ve seen the escalating demand for robust, agile e-commerce solutions, and given the results we’ve been able to deliver with the support of Mediachase’s technology, we know the integration of our businesses will be valuable to our customers and partners. We’re looking forward to working with the Mediachase team and to collaboratively supporting our expanded partner and customer network as they optimize their digital properties to provide exceptional online experiences for their respective customers.