2014 Silverpop Amplify Conference Shows the Power of Behavioral Data for Connected Customers

Using data from multiple channels, devices, and other touch-points to deliver amazing personalized customer experiences to a market of one.

Amplify is Silverpop’s annual conference where customers, partners, and employees engage in a fun, interactive, and in-depth set of learning experiences centered on utilizing Silverpop's products and services.  The theme this year was customer experience and even more importantly what Silverpop and its partners like Episerver are bringing to the table to enable their customers to provide amazing customer experiences.

What does it take to create an exceptional experience?

If you attended Amplify, you would know the themes that form the basis of the answer are to “Connect to Everything and Automate Individual Experiences”.

Connect Everything - Silverpop + Episerver

“Connecting to everything,” means that Silverpop is able to capture data from any customer interaction or touch point creating a powerful system of information containing data about the customer across all their touch points.  All the data we can get coming from social networks, retail store visits, call center interactions…  Everything!

If we have collected the data and we are in a position to automate based on the data, what is the one thing we need to put it all together into an end-to-end customer experience?

To really pull off an exceptional customer experience we need something that can use all that behavioral data that is being collected and deliver personalized content (CMS) and shopping experiences (Commerce) to customers on mobile and web clients based on the data we know about the customer.

One of the things that everyone gets excited for each year at Amplify is the keynote presentation because Silverpop's VP of Strategy Bryan Brown, the Director of Mobile/Integration Seth Lytle, and the CEO Bill Nussey always put on a great live demo to inspire everyone.

At this years keynote demo, Silverpop teamed up with Episerver to perform the following end-to-end live demo on stage. Here’s the shopping scenario that was demonstrated:

1. The demo started with the customer shopping on the Episerver Quanta commerce site where he focused on the Men’s clothing department to buy a new jacket. Behind the scenes Episerver was sending all the tracking data and behaviors to the Silverpop marketing database.

2. Next, the marketing team used Episerver to design and build a personalized mail template and landing page to send out to customers to get them to sign up to the Quanta club membership called QClub.  Once published the marketing automation system automatically sent non-Qclub members an email.

3. The customer then received the personalized email and they clicked on it to go back to the Quanta Site landing page for the QClub membership drive.

4. Because the site had access to the Silverpop behavioral database, when the customer came back to the Quanta commerce site, the site automatically adjusted the content and the offer for signing up to the QClub thus personalizing the customer experience.

5. Next the customer decided to go to one of the Quanta retail stores to look at the some men’s clothes.  At this point in the demo we are now in the physical world.

6. When the customer walked into the retail store, the salesperson had an iPad running an in-store application. 

7. The salesperson asked the customer if they were a QClub member, and the customer said yes and supplied the sales agent with their QClub loyalty ID.

8. The sales person was then able to instantly review and see all of the site behaviors, profile data and more to understand better who they had in their store and why they might be there.

9. The customer then tried on some jackets and left the store because he thought he could get a better deal online.

10. The sales agent added some additional in-store data about the customer and then recommended that this customer get a web site or retail store discount the next time he is communicated with by Quanta.

11. To end the demo – the customer went back online, and guess what happened when they went back to the site? Naturally, they received a personalized retail offer with a 30% Discount!

Pretty cool stuff. And, with all those touchpoints it's incredible to see how this scenario can nurture a customer down the path to purchase to finally drive the sale. Not to mention, this is just one scenario for a retail customer. B2B customers are also using the integration in innovative ways to provide exceptional customer experiences. Check out the presentation from Episerver Solution Partner, Whereoware discussing customer Nutricia, using the Episerver and Silverpop solution.

Don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself! If you would like to see our solution in-person or online, contact us and we will schedule a demonstration.

Chris Lutz

Chris Lutz

Product Manager

Email: chris.lutz@episerver.com

Customer experiences happen every day to every one of us in our personal and business lives

Customers today are “super connected” and have more choices, more access, and an unlimited supply of information to make choices and to compare their experiences with the companies they interact with.

Sometimes these experiences are positive ones, sometimes they are negative ones, but mostly they are just average, unfortunately! These moments of interaction whether they occur in-person or online, commonly referred to as “touch points” can be digital or physical. Digital touch points could include web, mobile, email, kiosk, and wearables. Physical could include retail stores, shopping malls, Sporting Arenas, Service Centers, and everywhere else you go.  

The BIG challenge for virtually any business today is to make sure their customers have the best experiences with their company from the beginning of ANY touch point to the end of that touch point.   And they need to do it no matter where, when or under what conditions or state of mind the customer is in.

Have you ever had an exceptional customer experience? 

  1. You know it when it happens.
  2. You get excited about it and maybe even have a moment of Wow.
  3. You feel more loyal towards the provider of the experience.
  4. You start telling other people about how great the experience was.
  5. You Win. The Company Wins. Everyone Wins.