A wrap up of our last meet up

Dave Malins, Technical Director at Realise, an Episerver Premium partner, wraps up the discussions at our latest Developer Meet Up.

On September 14th Realise had the privilege of hosting the Episerver Developer Meetup at Zetland House, Shoreditch.

The Episerver developer meetup provides an informal setting for Episerver developers to discuss development best practice, thoughts, and experiences when using the Episerver suite of products. They also provide an opportunity for Episerver to introduce and talk about new and upcoming features, tools and functionality.

We had arranged an agenda of speakers to cover off key topics of interest, and with plenty of beer and pizza ordered, it was set to be another excellent event. As expected, it was a great turnout with around 30 developers attending (with some travelling as far afield as Germany!) to hear about, and more importantly talk about, what Episerver has planned.

Episerver Campaign

David Knipe, Director of Solution Architecture at Episerver, presented Campaign - a new campaign management tool which allows marketers to connect with customers based on real-time behaviour

David demonstrated the tool live – showing how campaigns could be quickly set up across multiple devices and touchpoints.


You can quickly select and target audiences based on previous website behaviours, across multiple channels, and then track and gather all data insight related to feed into future campaigns or activity. Oh, and it can be fully personalised too. 

 David’s presentation was understandably focused on how developers should look to implement Episerver Campaign on Episerver DXC it will clearly be a powerful addition to digital marketers looking to improve their customer communication.

The key takeaway? Episerver Campaign is a real game changer, that’s for sure. 

Episerver DXC at scale


Dave Malins, Technical Director at Realise, then presented a technical overview of our work with the English Football League. There was understandable excitement when Dave was speaking as, for those who have not read our EFL case study (shame on you!), this project was vast with over 60 websites, hosted on 6 separate live Episerver DXC instances, delivered to an immovable deadline in nine months. It’s the largest to date, so the developers were keen to understand the process Realise went through to meet the project goals.

Dave covered off various areas of the project including the choice of methodology (agile), the teams and roles involved (lots!), the rationale behind the technical architecture, and the process we went though to ensure all code was tested to the highest possible Quality Assurance levels while still meeting individual sprint deadlines.

 If you would like a chat about the EFL work in more detail please get in touch using the details at the bottom of this page.  

The Episerver product roadmap

Following Dave was Rob Stoves, Solution Architect at Episerver. Rob talked to us about the DXC Service Roadmap and his presentation highlighted some interesting new features within the Service Portal.

This included the ability to deploy to Integration and Preproduction via a deployment control panel. This is a feature that the developers really engaged with as it allows for deployments up the chain without going through the current service process. This really speeds up the deployment process for all involved. Episerver is already efficient, but becoming more so with every version.  

Episerver machine learning

David Knipe finished up the evening with some of some of the latest BETA features of the Episerver platform. A couple of Episerver partners and their clients have been testing these features in live environments already, but for the vast majority this was brand new, exciting stuff.

David covered a couple of key areas including smart content personalisation which is driven by complex machine learning algorithms, and a behavioural profile store that helps keep real time control over customer on-site behaviours.

We can’t go into too much detail on this (it’s BETA after all) but we were told that these features will be available to the wider Episerver community over the coming months. What we can say is that, based on what we’ve seen so far, these are very exciting developments that reinforce Episerver as a serious digital marketing platform with an excellent feature roadmap.

Goodbye for now

Overall it was a great evening and an event we’d recommend you attend if you get the chance. We’ll certainly be attending (and maybe even hosting) another event so we’ll see you there. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Episerver event calendar for upcoming events and webinars.

Dave Malins

Dave Malins

Technical Director

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