Connected Consumers - To Know Me, Is to Love Me

A Valentine’s Day inspired post <3 – P.S. All puns intended

Love Me, Love Me Not

True to our human nature, we gravitate toward familiarity. Our favorite sweater or a worn pair of slippers that fit just right, or our closest circle of friends and family -- all of these familiar treasures seem to know us so well. Creating this sense of familiarity and deepening relationships is becoming increasingly important in reaching and retaining the advocacy and love of Connected Consumers.

Who is the Connected Consumer?

There’s a new CMO in town!  Your new CMO, or Chief Marketing Operative, is comprised of your Connected Consumers. Whether you’re B2B or B2C focused, catering to the Connected Consumer is an imperative and requires a keen focus on H2H, or Human-to-Human, as your core go-to-market strategy. Connected Consumers make and break our brands with a few taps of their thumbs or with a simple mouse click – they broadcast powerful messages about our brands across ever-expanding social networks. Love them, and they’ll love you back.

To Know Me, Is to Love Me

As a brand practitioner, I saw first-hand how an effort to personalize offerings and experiences deepened engagement and made for happier and more loyal customers. Personalization even on the most basic level creates a sense of familiarity and recognition. It helps us earn a right to continue the conversation and deepen relationships with our customers.

Furthermore, most goods and services could be categorized as commodities. It’s only when we successfully transcend our offerings to connect with our customers on a deeper level, that our products and services are elevated and de-commoditized. Connected Consumers have infinite choices – infinite choices in what, where and from whom to buy products and services. As Connected Consumers traverse the continuous path to purchase, when and where they chose, we must be readied to provide a personalized value proposition to win their hearts.

As we consider how to provide personalized experiences, there are seemingly an infinite number of data sources available to us as marketers and brand drivers that help us show our love. Web and mobile behavioral data, transactional data, and more recently, social and interest graph data may all be leveraged to help us devise plans to win and retain the hearts of Connected Consumers. Adopting a test and learn methodology and taking small, progressive steps forward will help us learn to love with finesse and sensitivity. The last thing we want to do is overstep and alienate the apple of our eye.

Practically speaking, there are a few simple rules of engagement:

  1. Be selfless.

    Live, breathe, eat and crap your Customer POV – True love is selfless and it’s about your Customers’ needs and desires. Firmly plant yourself in their shoes and consider what they need, where they need it and how to best deliver on behalf of your brand. Move toward delivering a relevant and consistent experience with your brand across channels – think OmniChannel. Determine how you can effectively provide relevant and personalized bits of information, contextual content and tools along the customers’ continuous journey to help them fully consider your offerings in the best light.

  2. Be an open book.

    Transparency is a golden rule and Connected Customers expect connected and personal experiences. Let customers know when you’re collecting data and how you intend to use it. It’s a simple show of respect that is the basis for any good relationship.

  3. Be a better listener.

    Introduce personalization incrementally and stay tuned-in to your customers’ feedback. Connected Consumers aren’t shy – listen carefully and give them more of what they like and iterate to keep things fresh.

So, get out there and take aim with Cupid’s arrow. Your Connected Consumers are ready and love really is a many-splendored thing.  xoxo


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