Meet your new CMO. It’s not who you think... It’s your connected customer.

Your new CMO has great power and influence. The connected customer is your new Chief Marketing Operative.

Today’s connected customers are exponentially informed and empowered. Connected customers are always on and always social – they’re broadcasting powerful messages about brands, products and services. Their voice is amplified online and constantly influencing ever-growing social networks. This empowerment bolstered by a constant stream of emerging technologies and access to more information results in virtually an infinite number of choices for this customer. Brands’ ability to meet customers on their terms and timetable, while providing exactly what they want or need, is an imperative in helping them through their decision-making process in this new world.

The path to purchase is no longer linear – rather, it a continuous path comprised of an intricate web of paths, touch points and interactions all beckoned by the connected customer. For brands, this constant connectivity and diversity presents both challenges and opportunities. How do brands effectively remain in the connected customers’ consideration set, cut through the noise and become a beacon that leads customers toward choosing one specific brand, product or service over another? In our hyper-connected world, connected customers are in pursuit of creative expression and self-actualization via their purchases and experiences – brands who effectively provide relevant, one-to-one bits of information that help customers better navigate their unique and personal paths will thrive and build lasting relationships with brand loyal customers.

Context is king. Until now, many brands have had separate marketing and e-commerce sites. That approach simply won’t fly with today’s connected customer. Today’s customer expects to see the whole picture and how it relates to them. Only when brands effectively and efficiently contextualize messages with offerings – on the customers’ terms – can this be achieved.

The Episerver Content + Commerce solution enables brands to present and deliver this holistic view to customers. Products and services are strategically presented and positioned within a framework that helps differentiate and de-commoditize offerings while retaining the ability to transact on the connected customers’ timeline.

The Episerver Content + Commerce technology solution enables a seamless experience that is tailored for a connected customer experience. Our technology allows you to efficiently deliver the most compelling experiences tailored to each customer as they navigate from mobile, to tablet, to desktop and back again. Remember, connected customers not only expect an exceptional experience – they require a personalized experience in tune with their individual needs.

By collecting and analyzing data into personalized insights for each customer, the Episerver solution delivers customized experiences helping brands prevail with customers throughout their connected and continuous journey. With every interaction, the system identifies and optimizes experiences for each individual customer. Additionally, the Episerver Content + Commerce solution provides these data insights in a manner that informs brands’ view of customer journeys keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening with customers. These real time insights increase the effectiveness of marketing programs helping brands learn, optimize and maximize digital program investments.

No other solution on the market today delivers this holistic experience as effectively or easily. Episerver provides digital leaders with a solution to seamlessly nurture the always readied-to-buy connected customer along the continuous path to purchase – the Episerver Content + Commerce solution is customer-centric and is designed and developed from the ground up to solve for and serve the connected customer.

Don’t just take our word for it – after all, seeing is believing. Contact us today to schedule a demo!