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  • 2019 ecommerce trends and tactics: 4 dominant themes

    It’s a tale as old as tech. Companies develop and introduce ways to make consumers’ lives easier and overnight, it seems, those changes become expectations.

  • #UserGroupSummit: Solving for X in Digital Transformation

    Heading to Dynamics UG Summit in Phoenix this October? Episerver’s Senior Director of Commerce is presenting at 10 a.m. local time on Wednesday, Oct. 17 on the power of digital experience and operations in driving digital transformation. Get a sneak peek of the presentation here!

  • Episerver Twice Recognized in Q3 Constellation ShortList Updates

    Episerver was named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Campaign to Commerce and to the Digital Experience (DX) Integrated Platforms ShortList in Q3 2018. See why...

  • Why Responsive Web Design is Dead

    Mobile traffic is past its tipping point with roughly 52 percent of web traffic currently deriving from smartphones versus desktops – and counting. People are accessing sites and services with the expectation they will not only have the same functionality they would on desktops, but, more so today, that the sites will also use the functionality native to their devices without needing to download an app.

  • Valtech Solves Omnichannel Insights Problem in Partner Innovation Spotlight Win

    An equation cannot be solved without some values present and the same can be said of product recommendations. Without capturing the who, what, when, where or how of a shopper's behavior and history, it's more difficult to predict the "what" variable of which content works best.

  • Making Waves in Episerver's Partner Innovation Spotlight

    The creation of a great meal combines top quality ingredients with the creativity of a master chef. Similarly, the best digital experiences are created when the best software is brought to life by imaginative creative agencies and technology partners. With this thought in mind, Episerver launched a Partner Innovation Spotlight program at our annual user conference, Episerver Ascend.

  • ShortList, Tall Expectations as Episerver Receives Commerce Recognition

    When influencers name the influential, audiences should take notice.

  • Test drive your new digital commerce experience

    Like driving on a mountain road without traffic signs, decision makers are often blind to the twists and turns that present themselves when they are buying software to extend their website's capabilities or transform it entirely. After all, hands-on, driver-seat control of a product is often not possible until late in the research process or, worse, after the sale.

  • Three ways artificial intelligence will transform ecommerce in 2018

    Unless you have been marooned on a desert island, chances are you know what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and have experienced the benefits of machine learning is having on customer experience and business operations.

  • 2017 eCommerce Holiday Readiness Survey Results & Recommendations

    With Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays fast approaching in the US, over 130 million potential shoppers are expected to take to retail malls and ecommerce websites to find the ultimate gift. eCommerce sales are sustaining double digit growth, according to a report by Kiplinger, finding 14% growth in online sales forecasted this holiday season over last year. In 2016, 56% of shoppers reported they would shop online during the same period, indicating great potential for anyone selling online.

  • 5 Ways in Which Your eCommerce Platform is Holding You Back

    The race of life has many lessons to teach us all and one of those is that no achievement comes without a sacrifice. Successfully working towards a goal requires that you give up the things that aren’t contributing to its outcome.

  • Author commerce experiences that attract, engage, and convert

    There are many steps to a successful Digital Commerce initiative. Once you have established your business vision, aligned it to your customer experience strategy, and centralized your product catalog, you’re ready to author, and deliver personalized commerce experiences. Here is a quick guide to assist in your journey.

  • 10 Critical Features to Add to Your Commerce Platform RFP

    In this article, we will detail and explore the most important aspects of eCommerce platforms that you should add to your list when evaluating eCommerce platform vendors. These 10 critical features fall under three broad categories that show us how an eCommerce platform leads to increases in revenue and profitability over the long term.

  • Content Marketing Comes to Rescue Commerce

    Competition is inherently at the very core of all digital cоmmеrсе. To not only survive, but thrive in a climate as fast paced, demanding and ever changing as our industry one must stand above the rest. We see this competitive capitalistic, dog eat dog, paradigm translate directly from our workplace to our marketplace, and consumers feel it.

  • Three Ways Digital Marketing Teams Are Responding to Global Scale

    More for less is an attractive concept, isn’t it? In a world of instant gratification, not least online, scaling up your digital presence and website capabilities with marketing resources which are often under resourced is a first world problem if ever I heard one.

  • eCommerce Platform Implementations Fail Before They Start

    A staggering number of IT and eCommerce projects fail every year. Here is what you can do about it.

  • Three Ways Amazon Is Killing Retail, and What To Do About It

    Let’s play the shortest game of Clue ever. Several retailers have been found dead across the United States.

  • Understanding B2B e-commerce best practices

    Now more than ever, B2B customers prefer a digital experience when they want to engage or do business with manufacturers or distributors. In fact, last year, two-thirds of B2B customers made a business-related purchase online, and over one-third of them researched nearly all of their B2B purchases online first (regardless of how they finally made their purchase).

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