5 reasons Episerver is the fastest-growing ecommerce platform in the industry

According to the IDC, Worldwide Digital Commerce Applications Market Shares report*, Episerver was one of the fastest-growing digital commerce platforms in 2018 with an almost 55 percent growth rate compared to the average vendor growing about 20 percent.

The digital commerce platform market continues to heat up and face dynamic changes every year. There are many trends causing out-of-date ecommerce platforms to struggle where others, like Episerver, are taking advantage of these trends to increase market share. As some of the bigger names in software are scampering to address the trends IDC* highlights, Episerver has taken market share from some of the bigger players in digital commerce such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and Salesforce.

“The digital commerce applications market is rapidly evolving, and that trend will only continue thanks to forces like elevated B2B and B2C customer expectations, personalized experiences, mobile commerce, and new business models," said Jordan Jewell, research manager for digital commerce at IDC. "Episerver’s spot as one of the fastest-growing named vendors in our digital commerce applications market shares is a testament to the company's genuine focus on commerce as part of its broader digital experience platform."

Here's a summary of five trends from the IDC report* that Episerver has invested in to become the fastest-growing ecommerce platform in the industry.

#1 Ecommerce websites need to deliver fast, app-like mobile experiences

As a modern, multi-tiered architecture, Episerver can deliver exceptional mobile experiences including adopting the latest in mobile experience delivery such as Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality. Proof points include NA-KD.com’s rapid growth after implementing a Single Page Web Application (SPA). It utilizes PWA functions to increase page load speed by caching site images and navigation in the mobile browser.

NA-KD.com and another Episerver Commerce website, Polarn O’ Pyret also work in “offline mode” when consumers have data loss because of weak internet connections. Consumers can continue shopping even when internet service is interrupted using PWA features.


www.na-kd.com runs on Episerver Commerce and delivers its website using a Single Page Web Application (SPA) with integrated Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality

#2 B2B ecommerce is the fastest-growing segment of Episerver’s business

The rise of B2B digital commerce cannot be denied. As B2B customers expect their professional vendors to provide digital commerce experiences, just as they do by consumer brand manufacturers and retailers, investment in ecommerce solutions is a must. Episerver has implemented several large scale B2B digital commerce websites for distributors and manufacturers such as HD Supply, Partsmaster, Toyota Material Handling, Solar Group and Sonepar.

#3 Tech-savvy companies want microservices and open-APIs without slowing down marketing

Experience management empowers marketers to manage their day-to-day site experience without coding or waiting for their technology partners to move code from one environment to another. While maintaining this strength, Episerver Commerce now also supports headless and microservices architectures.

In 2018 Episerver published its first headless content delivery API allowing customers to implement their primary website within Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ and also add headless capabilities for mobile app and non-traditional digital experiences.

Episerver is also on the verge of releasing its first vertically integrated microservice for placing and storing order data in a multi-tenant environment using CosmosDB in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

Episerver launched its first microservice for orders including high-availability failover architecture and design.

#4 Consumer protection and regulation cannot be an afterthought

Consumers throughout Europe now have the right to know exactly what marketers are doing with their data and request their data be deleted on a moment’s notice. We see the current European regulation and pending regulation in the U.S. forcing marketers to validate the quality of their data and the authenticity of their relationship with their customers.

Since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) went into effect in 2018, Episerver has been at the forefront in supporting its customers achieve and maintain GDRP compliance. Episerver takes the compliance risk very seriously. We also encourage marketers to use GDRP compliance as an opportunity to re-verify their lists and launch content marketing programs that establish valuable relationships with consumers instead of traditional, ineffective ‘batch-and-blast’ marketing approaches.

#5 Artificial Intelligence is now “table-stakes” for modern ecommerce websites

As ecommerce sales continue to become a larger part of company’s balance sheets, focused attention on sustaining digital commerce growth is becoming crucial. However, many merchandising and marketing teams are still running lean and mean employee headcounts. Artificial intelligence is helping them to support and scale their teams. The use of artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences to consumers has been around for almost eight years.

Since 2017, Episerver Commerce has been shipped with over 150 machine learning algorithms that automatically present personalized product recommendations to users on hundreds of ecommerce websites. We serve billions of product recommendations on ecommerce websites, mobile apps and marketing emails each year. Most customers see an 18 percent lift in average order value as a result.

Episerver will continue to invest in these critical areas to empower our customers to deliver exceptional digital commerce experiences. If you want to find out how Episerver can digital commerce results that mega-vendors can’t, request a demo here.

*Source: IDC, “Worldwide Digital Commerce Applications Market Shares, 2018: Commerce Becomes a Battleground for Customer Engagement”, doc #US45165119, June 2019.