Author commerce experiences that attract, engage, and convert

There are many steps to a successful Digital Commerce initiative. Once you have established your business vision, aligned it to your customer experience strategy, and centralized your product catalog, you’re ready to author, and deliver personalized commerce experiences. Here is a quick guide to assist in your journey.

A customer’s buying journey includes discovering, browsing, and deciding upon a specific product purchase. The goal of each experience are different. Yet, all use product content and personalization to engage. Here is a summary of the Discover, Browse, and Decide journey:

Discover experiences are designed to inspire, inform, educate, and promote the key value propositions of the brand
and product. If done well, discover experiences can surface new assortments that consumers or B2B buyers may not have considered yet. Discover experiences happen primarily on the home page, landing pages, educational pages, or branded lifestyle pages.

Browse experiences are intended to capitalize on interest and intent by assisting visitors in finding the right product quickly and compare products to one another with the intention of zeroing in on
a purchase decision. Browse experiences include Site Navigation, Category Landing Page, Comparison Pages, and Search Results Page.

Decide experiences assist the user in reviewing detailed product information, ratings & reviews, and pricing before deciding to purchase. Product Detail Pages are the primary Page type utilized in decide experiences.

Below are examples of how your can apply Discover, Browse and Decide experiences to improve your customers' journeys:

Discover: Use video to educate and inspire

American inspires avid performance gear-heads with their “Project Videos” section of their website. These videos educate and inspire consumers with a fully developed concept car that utilizes parts sold on including exhaust, mufflers, and flywheels.

Best Practice: displays the products featured in the video on the same page including image, price, and product rating to encourage product discovery.

How they do it: Episerver allows non-technical marketers and merchandizers to author commerce experiences that combine rich video, images, and product quick views using Episerver’s Experience Canvas.

Browse: Develop rich buying guides, part of Varner Retail, supports consumers in building confidence in selection, transitioning from discovery to browse experiences with their Jean’s Fit Guide experience which features several different jean styles and fits.

Best Practice: providing call-outs or pop-ups to show product details without loading the product detail page keeps users engaged and can lead to a quick purchase path.

How they do it: Episerver’s page template structure allows merchandizers to associate images and banners to products in the catalog creating a seamless experience which allows BikBok to capitalize on inspiration and purchase confidence. Learn more about how Varner Retail works with Episerver.

Decide: Creating a highly personalized experience

New Era Cap is a brand manufacturer of designer baseball caps. What is most impactful in the decide experience is their use of artificial intelligence powered product recommendations. The product detail page includes individualized product recommendations based on each customer’s specific activity.

New Era Cap

Best Practice:Display product recommendations on the Product Detail Page

How They Do It: Episerver Perform display’s Artificial Intelligence powered product recommendations on the product detail page. These recommendations are specific to the site visitor based on top selling products or other criteria set by the machine learning algorithms. Episerver Perform customers typically see a 3% to 7% increase in revenue. Find out more about Episerver Perform.

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Do you have the right Digital Experience Platform?

In the right Digital Experience Platform, you can combine product data with personalization tools to create engaging, personalized commerce experiences for targeted site visitors. Because only 8% of customers come to your site with the intent to purchase, engagement is key. Check out more customer data in our Reimagining Commerce Report.