Test drive your new digital commerce experience

Like driving on a mountain road without traffic signs, decision makers are often blind to the twists and turns that present themselves when they are buying software to extend their website's capabilities or transform it entirely. After all, hands-on, driver-seat control of a product is often not possible until late in the research process or, worse, after the sale.

To empower companies from the onset, Episerver is proud and, well, pumped to announce inclusion in Microsoft AppSource, a destination to help business users find, try, and use software as a service (SaaS) apps from Microsoft and its partners. What AppSource provides is a way to easily and quickly test drive Episerver Digital Experience Cloud for Commerce™ before committing—while simultaneously validating the solution among Microsoft Dynamics 365 users who are looking to seamlessly launch a commerce website available through integration.  

"Transparency is at Episerver's core, and AppSource is the perfect place to showcase our solution to Microsoft customers since they can see for themselves how easy it is to use," said Justin Anovick, Vice President of Worldwide Product at Episerver. "We're confident that once a person takes Episerver Digital Experience Cloud for Commerce for a spin within AppSource, they'll want to hand the keys to their colleagues - regardless of their role – so they can see it doesn't take a rocket scientist to use our product." 

Using a work or school account, a person can test drive Episerver Digital Experience Cloud for Commerce in a sandbox testing environment. Users get a full hour to get their own complete commerce site running on the Episerver platform, which allows for testing features and ease of use. Most of the usual digital commerce and marketing features are available to try. For instance: 

  • Create, change, and publish content. This includes combining elements in projects, manage versions, and multiple languages. 

  • Preview content on various devices. 

  • Develop customized forms for user input (e.g., newsletter sign-ups, polls, and similar content). 

  • Target specific content to specific segments—as well as define personalization segments (such as visitor groups). 

  • Edit and create products, product variations, and bundles. 

  • Specify pricing and product inventory. 

  • Configure advanced campaigns and discounts. 

  • Upload and work with media assets. 

By exploring these features, users will start to understand why Episerver is known to improve customer experience through an individualized and unified journey and results through higher conversions and spend.  

To try Episerver Digital Experience Cloud for Commerce, simply visit Episerver's AppSource listing. Upon sign in, a guided tour will start to take users through a typical scenario of a site manager for a commerce site and show back-end functionality.  Users get full, unparalleled access to this site and sandbox for one hour before it's shut down.