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Today, consumers are constantly exposed to different types of content including social media, videos, graphics and other marketing material. However, if the content is not relevant to the consumer, they are less likely to be interested.

According to the 2019 State of Branding Report, 41 percent of participants indicate being served irrelevant content is their biggest pet peeve regarding branded content. Providing any piece of content to customers will no longer suffice, customers now expect a personalized digital experience while in the purchasing process.  

Digital experiences begin with digital transformation 

Marketing teams are expected to create and get content to customers in order to fuel digital experience. Although the concept of wanting to create amazing digital experiences is simple, it is actually a complicated undertaking. Marketers are often found lacking the necessary organization tools in order to go to market at a fast rate. Therefore different roles within the marketing team are often found working within a siloed ecosystem, which is why organizations are now turning to digital transformation to break down silos and increase transparency.  

The purpose of digital transformation is to use technology for the purpose of eliminating or reducing bottlenecks in order to create a more efficient work flow. By leveraging different technologies, digital transformation empowers marketing teams to focus on what is most important: creating a more personalized and relevant experience for customers. As such, marketing teams are turning to digital asset management (DAM) solutions to improve their content organization and management processes.  

By integrating a DAM like Bynder with Episerver, it allows for easy communication because it becomes the centralized platform for all digital assets.  


Bynder’s partnership with Episerver enables users to have access to their digitally approved assets within their CMS directly from the Media Assets panel in the Bynder folder. By providing the best-in-class integration between the two platforms, clients can take full advantage of Bynder’s comprehensive metadata search options and find and link to assets instantly. 


Brands are able to achieve efficiency while also ensuring they maintain a single source of truth. Additionally, the integration ensures all digital content is consistent and following brand guidelines-- helping teams deliver intuitive digital experiences.  Learn more about Bynder for Episerver App Marketplace.

About Bynder 

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Brad Kofoed

Guest Blogger: Brad Kofoed

VP, Global Alliances & Channels at Bynder

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