Creative control granted: How Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ ensures customer experience

As financial institutions plan for and invest in a future-proofed customer experience, one big piece of planning is whether and when to take things to the cloud. A cloudy (pun intended) concept for some, it can be helpful to think of a cloud-based solution as necessary infrastructure that doesn’t take up floor space.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud is an enterprise-level solution that works in tandem with Episerver’s suite of content and commerce solutions to safeguard your company’s marketing assets and deploy them on command.

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Episerver Digital Experience Cloud is a PaaS, or platform as a service. For marketers at financial institutions, it serves as a remote command center that houses, distributes, and optimizes all marketing activity from a secure environment. There are many benefits to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud’s setup. First, it allows companies to hand off the logistics of installing and running servers — a non-negotiable for many forward-thinking IT teams. In doing so, businesses save the upfront and on-going investment in hardware that is expensive to store and maintain.

Additionally, any forward-thinking bank, investment house, credit union, or brokerage developing exciting new websites and digital experiences using servers will eventually exceed capacity. Episerver Digital Experience Cloud solves for that inflection point by eliminating it altogether. Episerver Digital Experience Cloud provides elastic scale, which means it dynamically accommodates traffic spikes from targeted marketing activity or seasonal variations. Episerver’s unique pricing model is also designed to let marketing teams focus solely on crafting the best content for their clients, as it is tied to page consumption rather than number of users or sites. This allows businesses to prioritize content and not worry about costly barriers to entry.

Given the flexibility to create at scale, a client’s next question usually is: what about delivery? Episerver Digital Experience Cloud offers a content delivery network complemented by guaranteed availability with a market-leading application service level agreement (SLA). Its edge networks exist all around the country, ensuring the details of any digital experience remain consistent, no matter the user. JavaScript, CSS, fonts—anything that isn’t generated programmatically by code—reaches end-users faster because of this proximal advantage. 

These edge networks, set up by Episerver, also result in a more secure platform. Add DDOS mitigations and 365/24/7 access to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud’s expert Managed Services team, and you have wraparound support for all creative development. 

Episerver’s triple threat of expertise — content, commerce, and cloud all ladder up to one focus: customer experience. Regardless of industry, if you design, plan, and invest in your most important people, your clients, your business is set for the future.

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