Ready, set, action: How Episerver Campaign helps financial services organizations deploy their data

In the first part of this series, we discussed how financial institutions can future-proof their user experience strategy in a click with Episerver CMS. In this post, we’ll get a little more granular and explore what comes after you commit to a market-leading CMS.

In today’s digital-first world, it can be helpful to think of customer relationships as a series of data points.

Convert every in-person exchange into a field in a form and the value of long-standing relationships becomes clear. There’s a story there. Financial institutions know far more than their customers’ name, date of birth and what they clicked on last. They know their life stage, their hopes and dreams for a wedding, house or retirement — you name it.

 Due to the nature of the data, financial institutions have a unique opportunity to capitalize on it, if they put it to work. That’s where solutions like Episerver Campaign come in. Episerver Campaign makes the treasure trove of information clients have entrusted in their financial institutions actionable. 

The genius of the platform lies in its ability to create personalized, automated, one-to-one messaging from interactions users take in multiple different systems. By using omnichannel data, either uploaded or through an API, Campaign can take an on-site interaction and deliver channel-specific marketing, like automated touchpoints that engage users at different parts of the funnel, to clients via email, SMS or even fax (yes, fax). 

Campaign’s intuitive drag-and-drop platform gives members of any financial organization the ability to do this from one screen and effectively manage them in real-time across web, mobile, email and text. This omnichannel approach enables more nuanced, relevant communication with clients. For example, financial institutions can use Campaign to A/B test landing pages and content offers. Whether you need to push curated content to targeted recipients, remind clients about a service they expressed an interest in or attempt to recapture a shopper that has abandoned their cart, Campaign makes it easy to test and optimize for device, time and behavior, resulting in a series of successful tactics for marketers to deploy. 

Another winning point for Episerver Campaign is that it was built with security in mind. In my last post, I wrote about trust. For financial institutions it’s a non-negotiable, which makes Campaign’s credentials even more appealing. It is one of a handful of platforms that is ISO 27001 certified, the international standard for an ISMS (information security management system). Campaign also ensures all email marketing campaigns are fully compliant. 

Episerver Campaign lets you build a master marketing plan in minutes, but delivers returns for a (customer) lifetime. Learn more about what Episerver for Financial Services

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