App Spotlight: Weld Takes The #NoCode Revolution to Interactive Content

Weld allows marketers and merchandisers the ability to create visual, animated and interactive content and embed it seamlessly into Episerver. This makes for more captivating content, at a higher speed and lower cost.

From the dark ages of black and monochromatic pixels in the late 1980s to the intuitive, individualized experiences of today, the world wide web has certainly gone a long way and customer expectations have too. Check out emerging trends in the Age of Digitalization and how Weld’s new app for Episerver App Marketplace can help.  

1. Shift from external to in-house web developers and ad agencies

In the past few years, businesses shifted from external agencies to in-house web developers and creative teams. One reason is because it’s now easier to create content with more advanced, user-friendly software – less code, more output.

2. Software developer talent shortage

Even with all the rage about learning how to code, only a mere 0.5 percent of the world’s population know how to do it. The vast majority have no significant knowledge about building websites and mobile apps.

IT departments are inundated by requests for customizations, new software or innovative solutions to streamline business processes. The demand for software developers with specific skillsets is high but there is a shortage of developers who meet such standards.

This is why traditional software development can’t keep up with the demands of digital transformation in all industries and no or less-code options have emerged.

3. The rise of the No-Code Movement

Conventional development methods require much time and skills which, as we’ve previously mentioned, are in short supply. An emerging strategy to address this high demand for app-delivery is the no-code or low-code development platform.

No-code development platforms do away with traditional programming methods that involve line after line of confusing code. They utilize visual, declarative techniques which can be used by both developers and non-developers.

These platforms require less training and let users customize commerce or business intelligence tools without having to write a line of code.

This is the forefront of the #NoCode revolution, and the path pursued by Weld.

Weld: The Power to Create Without Code

Weld allows people to create, publish and analyze web content even without any code know-how. This tool enables marketers and digital commerce people to be more agile, creative and cost-effective with their content creation.

With Weld, you can create visual, responsive, animated and interactive content according to the specific needs of your business. You can publish this content by seamlessly embedding it to your existing website. Further, you can analyze the content and run A/B tests.

Weld empowers you to do all these without a need for external developers or ad agencies. The basic features of Weld are:

  • Free-form design tools. The visual content creator of Weld works pretty much like PowerPoint, only it’s used for the web. This tool helps you design anything you want with ease.
  • Seamless and SEO-optimized embedding. With ease of use as one of its main selling points, Weld can be seamlessly integrated within your website in just five minutes.
  • Responsive design. Weld ensures your content is rendered well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. All your high-res images are optimized for every screen and device.
  • Interactivity and animations. Weld features Action Blocks that can effortlessly help you create web animations and user interactions.
  • Analytics. Through Weld, you can analyze and optimize your visual content. You can run A/B tests to identify the digital commerce campaign with the best conversion. This will help you track which campaigns are most effective and which campaigns should be overhauled.
  • Real-time collaboration. Weld can be synchronized with several users quite similarly to how Google Docs work. This facilitates more efficient team collaboration on projects.
  • Publish anywhere. The content you create on Weld can be published on the web or embedded as images in social media or email campaigns.

Taking Content Marketing to the Next Level

Weld permits marketers to be more agile and creative with web content. Marketers can create varied types of content marketing and conduct visual merchandising online.


Since Weld can be used without frontend web developers, IT resources are freed up and costs are significantly lowered. Moreover, digital commerce campaigns can be launched faster, ultimately leading to higher sales potential.

Empowering People to Create

Weld believes in the democratization of technology. They believe people should be given better tools instead of being taught how to think like computers. When empowered with the right tools, anybody can become a great creator of websites and apps.

In the same way Instagram and GarageBand have transformed photography and music-making, Weld strives to transform the way people create apps and websites.

Check out Weld on Episerver App Marketplace.