Moving forward to bring value to customers and partners

It has often felt to me like Episerver was the best-kept secret in North America.

I love introducing people to Episerver and seeing how it can positively change their organization and everyday lives as engineers and marketers. However, having come across the Atlantic from Europe, we were often met by people saying "EPi? Who?"

Which is why I am extremely excited about the merger of Episerver and Ektron! It will allow our joint organization to go from being visionary innovators and market contenders to a real digital leader of scale, just like moving from the championship to premier league to use an English soccer analogy.

The way I see it, our combined organization, which is now so much bigger and stronger will allow customers and partners to work with a true enterprise platform, partner network and company not just in North America but globally.

As the head of our Americas pre-sales organization, I'm perhaps ideally placed to see some of the obvious benefits that bringing Ektron and Episerver together will mean. There's so much complementary technology and functionality that I'm convinced it will usher in a new era for existing and new customers alike, and help them to grow as digital leaders. What we're now calling the Digital Experience Cloud offers a combined digital marketing and digital commerce suite with a cloud first approach, and I feel that is a ground breaking game changer for the industry.

Having spent 7 great years with Episerver, I can say without a doubt that the creation of this new company and its potential is the most exciting time by far.