Give your marketing skills a lift at Episerver Ascend

At Episerver Ascend ’15 you will learn, you will network, you will get better at what you do, and you will have a ton of fun! Here are a few things I hope marketers will take away from the conference:

Use data to make smart decisions

No more spray and pray! In our hands-on labs and breakout sessions, you will learn techniques to better monitor how customers and prospects interact with your content. By running small experiments and A/B tests on an on-going basis, you can start making more intelligent marketing decisions on the fly. It’s about how you can learn to respond to data, trends and customer behavior in a way that is both fast and smart.

Increase efficiency and speed to market

During the event, we will give you tips and tricks for how to create an environment in which customer understanding, personalized content and data analytics can work together to increase efficiency and speed to market. Our industry experts will show you step by step how to develop personas and map customer journeys. You will get a full walk through of all the details and setup of seven personalization scenarios, all of which have proven to reduce bounce rates by at least 25 % or increase conversions by 10%. You will also learn how to better plan and execute your integrated campaigns by using the latest features in the platform.

Learn savvy techniques for digital acquisition

Learn step-by-step methods for smarter acquisition tactics to drive targeted traffic to your website by using a portfolio of organic search, paid search and paid social. You will get a new perspective on how you can properly reconnect with non-converters, by using granular remarketing in the channels where your audience hangs out.

Get inspired and have fun

I believe you will leave Ascend ’15 filled with ideas on how to make the most of every customer interaction by using more efficient and effective tactics throughout the customer journey. You will get inspired by others, and I am sure you will have a lot of fun. Don’t miss our Tuesday night party at the Marquee Nightclub on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!