A Personal View of the Peerius and Episerver Combination

Joey Moore, director of product at Peerius, gives his personal view on why it's great to now be a part of the Episerver family, and how he came here.

This is a cross post between the Peerius blog and the Episerver blog.

Today I’m pleased to announce that we are joining forces with Episerver in what is sure to be a very exciting acquisition for Peerius, our employees and our customers. This announcement represents an exciting milestone for myself and rest of team here at Peerius. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Episerver audience, and lend some additional colour to our vision and why I think it’s great to be part of Episerver.

Personally, it has been an incredibly exciting ride over the last 5 years (I joined Peerius in 2011 as employee number 19.) Lots of ups, a few downs but overall an especially valuable experience.

Roger started Peerius 9 years ago with the idea of combing big data and machine learning to bring personalisation to online retailers all over the world. It has been the dedication and commitment of our amazing team that has made it possible to realise this vision across millions of web and omnichannel sessions each and every day.

The strengths and combined breadth of the Episerver platform will ensure that we will become the global benchmark for digital experience and predictive analytics over the coming years. As we have got to know the Episerver team over the last few months, it has become clear that this is not only a perfect match in terms of complementary technology and capability but also that our two company cultures are also highly aligned and focused on the same goals.

Having watched how the ecommerce and wider digital marketing landscape has evolved over the last decade, it’s clear that modern businesses want to work with comprehensive solutions that can innovate and rapidly evolve to deliver real, actionable insight and value. The combined power of Episerver and Peerius means we will be able to deliver this, and so much more to our clients and partners around the world.

Going forward, this combination means that Peerius will continue to deliver a best in class personalisation solution and accelerate our already exciting and ambitious roadmap over the coming months. The size, strength and global reach of the Episerver ecosystem will allow us to develop products faster, serve our existing customers better and penetrate new markets and verticals easier.

This is really just the beginning of an exciting new phase for both organisations. Our ambitious and talented teams share a vision to build on already world changing technology and to define a new industry standard in digital experience leadership.

You can read the full press release here, but if you have any specific questions or comments please feel free to get in touch.

Joey Moore

Joey Moore

Head of Product Marketing

Email: joey.moore@episerver.com