BEERWULF rolls out disruptive ecommerce strategy with Episerver on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Netherlands-based BEERWULF, a seller of craft and specialist beer online, has been disrupting the alcoholic beverage market since their inauguration in 2017. The young, fast-moving distribution business has Heineken N.V. as their major investor and has since matured with their business rapidly expanding from selling in five European countries to ten.

Number one online beer platform in Europe

The idea behind Beerwulf is to combine the rapid growth and interest in speciality beers with the opportunities offered by digital commerce platforms.

With ambitious plans set from the Heineken Group, Beerwulf forged ahead with a new strategy that would see them grow their brand and distribution channel exponentially online. They rolled out a B2B2C model, which targeted craft beer brewers looking to grow their market whilst also being the automatic destination for beer consumers.

A relentless focus: the best assortment and the best delivery

Like Episerver, Beerwulf puts their customers (beer brewers and drinkers) at the heart of their plans.
Giving them access to the best beer assortment at any time of the year, curated by independent ‘beer hunters’ was a priority for the growing brand.

Beerwulf believed the digital environment should offer the tools to find the beer that fit any need and was delivered as desired (e.g., occasions, monthly by subscriptions, even to the office).

To grow, the plans revolved around the end-user having the best user-experience, the best assortment of product and the best customer service.

These plans tied in with other business benefits such as being the fastest to market with new items and creating a platform stable enough for international scale.

Beerwulf looked to introduce a full-service platform to their new consumer audience.

Opening up a can of security and strategy

Episerver was selected as a strategic component in making this a reality. For the beverage company, it met their cloud-first, platform-as-a-service strategy and included a suite of solutions to meet their ambitions: Episerver CMS, Episerver Campaign (marketing automation), Episerver Personalization, Episerver Perform (product recommendations) and Episerver Reach (automated email recommendations).

This rich, intelligent functionality tied in seamlessly with social, app, email and mobile programs for cross-channel optimization. The organization of the Episerver integrations package allows Beerwulf to enjoy an architecture applicable to every aspect of their business including with Microsoft Dynamics 365, inRiver PIM, Adyen (Payment) and Power BI.

A thirst-quenching user-experience

Beerwulf is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud, enabling the digital commerce framework to sync seamlessly with their distribution infrastructure and provide much-needed scalability. These features include real-time delivery, inbound logistics, live warehouse stock-fill and last-mile delivery planning.

Future developments

Beerwulf continues to deploy their strong commerce approach to other European countries. In a shift from current trends, they are opening physical pop-up styled stores in European centres, creating a tactile relationship with customers. This new strategy is complemented by Episerver solutions as they actively target new consumers after visiting physical stores via Episerver Campaign. 


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Episerver Commerce in action

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Julian Dawkins

Julian Dawkins

Product Marketing Manager, Episerver



On-demand webinar

Episerver Commerce in action

Watch our webinar and see the main features of Episerver Commerce.