A preview of what's next in Episerver tech

When Episerver was founded in 1994, Google didn't exist, Mark Zuckerberg was only 10 years old, and the fictional character Zack Morris still sported the phone everyone wanted.

Google would go on to dominate search (currently about 75 percent market share), of course. Zuckerberg would create a social media network that more than a billion people use daily. And, well, mobile phones would become "smart," pocket-sized computers. It took innovation to anticipate and participate in this new, digital-first age. 

Episerver knew the world was on the brink of transformation some 20-plus years ago and believes the same is true today. Like thenany business or person is just an idea and implementation away from taking on the goliaths in their industry or becoming one themselves. For these reasonsEpiserver recently launched its Partner Innovation Spotlight, tasking Partners to create innovative use of Episerver's newest products in one of three focus areas: Individualized Content, Experience-driven Commerce, and Intelligent Campaigns. Winners will be announced on March 12Day 1 of Episerver's annual user conference, Ascend.

"The Partner Innovation Spotlight is a brand-new initiative for Episerver, and the folks here are eager to share how our Partners made our new products their own," said Justin Anovick, Vice President of Worldwide Product at Episerver"From early submission results, it's clear participants understand that even routine activities like walking in a store, browsing a website, opening an email, and checking social media, are all incredible opportunities to engage individuals and turn mundane interactions into memorable ones." 

To be eligible, participating partners were required to build a proof-of-concept innovation, improve customer experience, feature Episerver capabilities and meet set deadlines. The finalist selection criteria is as follows: 

Finalist selection criteria 


Demonstrate value for site visitors (improved customer experience and/or users (business user enablement) 


Use of newer Episerver products and capabilities (Insight, Perform, Reach, Personalized Find, Campaign) 


Wow factor 


Open source 

  • If Partner provides open-source license to publish on Git (10%) 

  • If Partner chooses not to deploy as an open-source license (0%) 



Across the globe, Episerver powers the website experiences of nearly 100 million unique visitors and roughly a half a billion page views each month for its customers. Multiply those interactions with the number of relevant content and campaigns Episerver customers can deliver before, during, and after a sale, and Episerver is helping businesses innovate at scale.  

Episerver, does not do this alone, however, and the Partner Innovation Spotlight is one of the many ways the company works with Partners to extend its platform in a way that makes sense for customers' unique needs. At Ascend in Las Vegas, Episerver will also announce its Partner Award winners for North America and APAC. 

Stay tuned!