Guidance Turns 25, Celebrates Customer Wins

It’s been a notable year for both Episerver and its partner network. Guidance, an Episerver Premium Partner, is not only celebrating an organizational milestone decades in the making, for example, but has also taken home double-digit industry awards. We caught up with the Guidance CMO and SVP of Partnerships Jeff Herrera to learn more about their 2018 successes including moving a B2B manufacturing company forward in the commerce space.

First off, a big congratulations on Guidance’s 25-year anniversary. It’s quite an accomplishment. As you and your colleagues look to the next couple decades, what are some principles/values that will guide the company direction regardless of how business changes around it?

Jeff Herrera CMO and SVP, Partnerships at Guidance: Guidance will always put the needs of our client partners first and provide them with the most advanced technology solutions in the market. We will also operate with the highest degree of integrity in everything we do.

As you know, technology evolves as do people’s expectations for how that technology should work. What is Guidance’s approach to the digital commerce solutions it chooses to work with given the pace of innovation happening?

Herrera: Our approach centers on delivering quality and providing our client partners with trusted digital commerce solutions that perform even in the most challenging peak selling periods.

Speaking of innovation, Guidance was recently awarded 12 W3 Awards and 4 Interactive Media Awards (IMAs). Explain to us a little about what those accolades mean in terms of partnerships with clients and vendors?

Herrera: Guidance is truly humbled by this amazing recognition. As a digital commerce service provider to brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, we rely on a team of experts. These experts are our employees, partners and clients. We are all in this together and are 100 percent committed to delivering significant and measurable growth for our clients.

One of the award-winning projects that stands out to us is B2B manufacturing company, Thermon. What were some of the challenges Thermon faced prior to enlisting Guidance’s help to strengthen its digital capabilities and why was Episerver ultimately chosen?

Herrera: Thermon was on a home-grown site that previously lacked the features and functionality they needed from a content perspective. They needed a much more unified experience for their customers. We recommended Episerver with advanced CMS functionality. There are no limitations on Episerver and Thermon was confident the platform would not only meet all of their content needs but also set them up for B2B commerce in the very near future.

What are a few highlights of the Thermon project?


  • Request-a-Quote user journey
  • MotionPoint multi-language integration
  • Responsive design
  • Episerver Solr Search with advanced product and content search capabilities, etc.

How does Thermon’s move into B2B manufacturing commerce speak to industry demands for companies not traditionally selling online?

Herrera: Thermon definitely took a leadership position by enabling B2B digital commerce in the very near future. They recognized the significant benefits such as increased cost efficiencies, incremental revenue growth and most importantly, the need to provide their customers with an optimal digital experience. Thermon is now very well positioned to reach their full digital commerce potential on the Episerver platform.

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